Why the name FindYogi

Def. Yogi - A master of Yoga.
Def. Yoga - Yoga is the practice of removing fluctuations of the mind. Fluctuations are doubt caused due to lack of awareness.
FindYogi aims to remove doubt and help find the yogi in you.

Team FindYogi

Hi, I am Yogi.
I am the reason for what everyone else in the team is up to.
Yogi The Know-it-All
Naman Sarawagi
Chief Gyaanbaazi Officer. Excellent singer (self proclaimed). Overweight. Twitter Junkie. Product Guy.
Naman Sarawagi Founder
Mohit Jain
Don't mistake Jain to be his religion, Linux is. "Kudos" is his favorite reply to any email. Writes more comments in code than real code.
Mohit Jain Engineering
Umang Sharma
The iconic Delhi boy trying to figure out life in Bangalore.
Coke addict - drinking wala.
Umang Sharma Engineering
Lusan Das
A foodaholic by nature, who spends his spare time looking for good food and music.
Lusan Das Engineering
Dilip Kumar
He would pass by you and you wouldn't notice. He gives a whole new meaning to lean startup. Underweight and over worked.
Dilip Kumar Engineering
Prashant kumar Jha
He looks for a lunch break after every line of code commit. Snack box has a whole new budget since he joined.
Prashant kumar Jha Engineering
Navodit Ravi
All the online food ordering
site run on him. He is always on some form of diet, eating weird looking food that your mom pushed you for. It's OK as long as he manages to get the cheques on time.
Navodit Ravi Operations
Siddhy shetty
He loves gadgets. He could go on and on and on and on talking about them. We are still working on getting him to shut up once in a while.
Siddhy shetty Operations
Manish Sinha
He wanted to make a career in photography but he hates weddings and kids and animals. In short, screwed. He helps people buy gadgets now.
Manish Sinha Operations
Believes workout is better than hangout. Beats the data upside down and makes it right. Helps us in validation and structuring of data.
Mahesh Operations
Divya Modi
She is "The Modi". Helping our users experience "acche products"
Divya Modi Operations
Pragya Pal
She the most shareef among us. If you find any data wrong on the site, blame her.
Pragya Pal Operations
Ravindra Kumar
You have to be extremely lucky to hear him speak. Gets the work done. Always.
Ravindra Kumar Operations
If your code reads as beautiful as a poem and works like a rocket engine, we need you. Write to us.
Developer Apply Here
Content Manager
Gadget freak and grammar nazi. Can sell any gadget to anyone. Atleast 1 yr of exp. of writing about gadgets. Get in touch.
Content Manager Apply Here

With FindYogi the job isn’t about just your career right now, instead the focus is on a career that you would love to build for a lifetime. We do not have many rules. The one which everyone follows is being honest towards work and workplace. Everyone gets to add their opinion on everything that we create.



FindYogi is a product that helps consumers make informed buying decisions. We aim to create and refine that perfect shopping decision platform, which would help consumers shop more confidently.



FindYogi is led by people with diverse experience in tech, marketing, sales and product management at some popular companies. We are a bunch of curious souls, passionate about creating the future.



Cubicle offices with costly furniture and powerful ACs – we have none of those. What we do have is live music from some of the worst singers in the world, snack boxes that never go empty, big red cozy bean bags that you can doze off on. CCD, Gloria Jeans, Mast Kalandar, McD, Swensens, Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa Coffee and Drops Liquor are all within a minute’s walk from our office but we prefer the samosa chatwala with teekha panipuri at the HSR BDA Complex across the road of our Bangalore office.

How can you join?

We are always on the lookout for good techies with a bend towards web technologies, and gadget freaks who love writing. If you are any of the two, we would want to work with you. For more open positions check the above section, or just start a conversation by writing to - kicksomeass@findyogi.com or may be just drop by at our office and spend a day with us - coffee and lunch on the house.

What People Say

FindYogi has been covered in leading media platforms. To read more about the media love for us go through the coverage on

We love your money you. FindYogi is where a consumer makes his purchase decision. Great to catch him unguarded and plant the seeds of your brand. If you are a manufacturer or a seller, this is a perfect place for you to advertise. To know more about various options to give us your money advertise with us

We work out of a office in Bangalore, India. CCD, Gloria Jean's, McD, Swensens, KFC, Mast Kalandar are all under a minutes walk away from where we park our ass most of the day
If you'd like to drop by sometime, this is the address:

Wowway Labs Pvt. Ltd.,
Second floor, # 5, MCHS, 14A Main,
15th Cross, HSR layout - Sector 4,
Bangalore - 560102. (Opp. HSR BDA Complex)
or write to - awesomeness@findyogi.com
or call us at +91-8870888900