Price of Nikon D5200 (Body Only) in India

Nikon D5200 (Body Only) price in India is Rs.24,900.

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Nikon D5200 (Body Only) Specifications

Nikon D5200 (Body Only) Specification and features are mentioned below. The specification are from the 1 seller(s) and other reliable sources

Dimensions 129 x 98 x 78 mm
Weight 555 g
Camera Resolution 24.7 MP
Video Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels at 60 fps
ISO Rating 100 - 25600
White Balancing Auto, incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shade, preset manual, all except preset manual with fine-tuning
Image Format compressed JPEG (Fine, Normal & Basic), NEF (RAW) 14 bit, NEF (RAW)+JPEG
Video Format MOV, MPEG-4 / H.264
Audio Formats Linear PCM
Face Detection
Image Stablizer
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 23.5 x 15.6 mm ( APS-C )
Image Ratio w:h 3:2
Max Resolution 6000 x 4000 Pixels
Processor Expeed 3
Display 3 inch TFT LCD Monitor with 170 degrees viewing angle
Image Display Resolution 921K dots
View Finder
View Finder ✔ Optical (Pentamirror), Magnification ( 0.78x ), Coverage (95%), Live View ( With contrast-detect AF, face detection and subject tracking ), Fully Articulated LCD
Lens Type Nikon F mount (with AF contacts)
Auto Focus ✔ Contrast Detect, Phase Detect, Multi-Area, Selective Single Point, Tracking, Single, Continuous, Face Detection, Live View
Manual Focus
Color Filter ✔ Primary (RGB) Color Filter
Optical Zoom 3x
Other Focus Features Focal Length Multiplier (1.5x), No. Of Focus Points (39), Eye Point (17.9 mm)
Photography Features
Self Timer ✔ 2, 5, 10 or 20 sec
Shooting Modes Auto modes (auto; auto (flash off)); programmed auto with flexible program (P); shutter-priority auto (S); aperture-priority auto (A); manual (M); scene modes (portrait; landscape; child; sports; close up; night portrait; night landscape; party/indoor; beach/snow; sunset; dusk/dawn; pet portrait; candlelight; blossom; autumn colors; food); special effects modes (night vision; color sketch; miniature effect; selective color; silhouette; high key; low key)
Metering ✔ Multi-Pattern, Center-Weighted, Spot
Camera Shutter Speed (Sec) 1/4000 s (Max) & 30 s (Min)
Built-In Flash ✔ Pop-Up
External Flash ✔ Hot-Shoe
Flash Mode Auto, auto with red-eye reduction, auto slow sync, auto slow sync with red-eye reduction, fill-flash, red-eye reduction, slow sync, slow sync with red-eye reduction, rear-curtain with slow sync, rear-curtain sync, off
HDMI ✔ HDMI Mini Type C
TV Out Analog Video Output (NTSC, PAL)
Microphone ✔ Built-in Stereo
USB Cable
Pictbridge ✔ PictBridge 1.0
Memory Card Type SD / SDHC / SDXC
Upgradable Memory
Battery Life 500
Battery Type Lithium-Ion EN-EL14 Rechargeable Battery
Power Supply EH-5B AC Adapter
Camera Features
Dust Reduction ✔ Image sensor cleaning, Image Dust Off reference data (optional Capture NX 2 software required)
Red Eye Reduction
Supported Language 26
Sync Terminal ✔ 1/200 sec
Continuous Shot ✔ 3 fps
Additional Features Mono Speaker, GPS (Optional), Timelapse Recording, Orientation Sensor, Remote Control (Optional ML-L3 or WR-R10), Wireless (Optional), Image (EXIF 2.3, DCF 2.0, DPOF ( Fine, Normal, & Basic Quality ))
Remote Control ML-L3 or WR-R10 (optional)
View Finder Features Mirror Lock Up

Nikon D5200 (Body Only) Overview

Published :

The Good

  • Competitive ISO Performance.
  • 5fps Continuous Shooting Speed.
  • Articulated LCD screen.
  • 39 AF points.
  • Consistent White Balance across various conditions.

The Bad

  • Slow AF in Live-View Mode.
  • No touchscreen feature.
  • Lacks weather protection.
  • Absence of built-in Wi-Fi.

The Bottom Line

Nikon D5200 is able to bridge the gap between entry-level and advanced beginner models in a proficient manner. Bundled with Expeed 3 processor technology, better noise reduction processing at higher ISO settings, high end model features like advanced auto-focus and metering Nikon has provided enthusiast photographers a great and sensible option.

Nikon D5200 is the successor to the by-now famous entry-level DSLR  - Nikon D5100 . Inheriting the Expeed Image3 Processor from the Nikon D3200 and the 39 point auto-focus system from the D7000 , the 5200 is snucked in tightly between the entry level D3200 and the more enthusiast-oriented D7100. Some of the features from its predecessor has been retained, but the D5200 comes along with updated features like  24.1MP CMOS sensor, updated auto-focus system, newly designed sensor offering detailed imagery and dynamic range capabilities.

Camera Body:       

For someone who has used the Nikon D5100 , the D5200 will seem pretty much similar in build and design. It retains it’s predecessor build except for the fact that there are a few changes that have been added. There is a new release mode button, which has been added to the right side of the top panel. Along with this new addition, the directional controller on the rear end has also been changed giving the look of 8 cardinal points rather than 8. Nestled between the popup flash strobe and the hot shoe are two new stereo microphones. Like the D5100, the D5200 has retained the swivel and tilt screen option letting the users to compose overhead images or portraits.

Features :        

Continuous Shooting :  Nikon D5200 offers 2 burst modes – Continuous High and Continuous Low. At the former mode, the D5200 shoots at 3fps,and 5fps at the latter mode, which is an improvement from the D5100 which shot at 4fps. At RAW format, the fps drops down to 3fps  after a certain number of shots. Also it should be mentioned that in LiveView mode, after the shutter is pressed, the rear LCD screen goes blank for a few seconds while the image is written in the memory card. Live view users might find this a bit irritating if they are constantly shooting images.

 Auto-Focus : 

The D5200 employs an advanced version of the 11-point TTL phase detection system of its predecessor. It currently uses the NIKON Multi-CAM 4800Dx autofocus sensor module with 39focus points, 9 of which are cross-type.

Just like most Nikon models, it consists of three main AF modes – AF-S, AF-C and AF-A. Nikon D5200 has a fairly quick auto-focus as compared to the D5100. One point that needs to be mentioned here is that users might not get the same focussing performance when working with the kit lens that comes along with it. In this regard, it’s advisable to get a fast prime lens instead and enjoy the auto-focus capabilities of the D5200. Also, there seems to be a noticeable shutter lag while clicking in auto-focus, but this is pretty much prevalent in a DSLR of the same range.

Like its predecessor, D5200 is dependent on contrast-detect AF in live view mode. And this is where, it lags compared to the phase detect viewfinder shooting. Bottomline, the auto-focus performance can be credited as being good compared to other Nikon models    Wi-Fi : Nikon D5200 is compatible with the wireless mobile adapter from Nikon – Nikon WU-1a. And its wireless remote controller – WR-R10/WR-T10. It basically provides a Wi-Fi link between the camera and your smartphone. However, it needs to be mentioned that there are a few shortcomings with the Wi-Fi feature. One of them being, that the camera won’t function while using the app. Also, you can’t use the 10second self-timer or the continuous shooting modes.

Battery : Nikon D5200 uses one Lithium-Ion EN EL-14 rechargeable battery as its power source.

Sensor Performance and Image Quality:

 Nikon D5200 sports a 24.1 MP CMOS Sensor which produces images with maximum pixel dimensions of 6000x4000. The noteworthy point here is that the new chip is a Toshiba model, something which is a rarity with Nikon since they always come up with in-house models. It is also based around a newly designed APS-C sized image sensor.

In terms of image quality, Nikon D5200 does not shy away from delivering fine and detailed images. Some users might find it a bit soft for their taste but at the end of the day it’s all about individual preference. D5200 allows users the option of 6 color palette choices under picture control. They are Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape. Most users prefer to use Neutral instead as some of them have found Standard to be a bit saturated, but it’s negligible.

The Nikon D5200’s image quality is highly commendable when it concerns clicking pictures in RAW format. White Balance remains constant across most of the situations presented.  Out of the metering systems present in Nikon DSLR’s, the RGB matrix metering is able to make a much more profound impact over here. Coupled with Active D-Lighting, it is able to make a much more strong impact when high contrast situations are concerned. At ISO 100 and 200, there’s not much difference in image detail and noise. Infact, noise is not fairly presentable till ISO 3200. Upto this range, Nikon D5200 manages to control the noise level exceptionally well. At ISO 6400, noise level starts to become more profound and there’s an increase in graininess and there’s a noticeable difference in color fidelity. It is recommended to keep the ISO level under 3200 unless the user wants to keep such prints for Internet usage.

Verdict :

Nikon D5200 offers very sturdy performances when compared with its predecessor. The new CMOS sensor along with its Expeed3 Processor ( the same sensor used in Nikon D7100 )bring in a lot of changes to the imaging experience for the user. Also, it’s ISO range and improved burst speed deliver impressive performance. However, what disappointed us was the lack of controls like  touchscreen ability (like the Canon EOS T5i), aperture control with Live View and inability to record videos at 60i output.


Which Is The Best Dslr Camera Under 25k


Which is the best dslr camera under 25k


Hi Ajith, You can go for Nikon D5200 -  Nikon D5200 (AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II) It is one of the best models from the Nikon brand especially when it comes to entry-level consumers.Has a camera resolution of 24.7 MPFull HD video recording at 60fps.Expeed 3 processor helps to deliver excellent color and detailed images.39 auto-focus points for more focusing options.Ability to deliver quality images at low-light conditions.Wi-Fi and USB support. 

Which Is The Best Dslr In 30k


which is the best dslr in 30k


Hi Praveen,Are you new to DSLRs ?


Ya i dnt knw about dslrs


Hi Praveen,I would suggest you to go for Nikon D5200 -  Nikon D5200 (AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II) Has a camera resolution of 24.7 MP.Excellent low-light performance with a ISO range which can scale upto 25600 in extreme conditionsArticulated LCD screen which helps in covering various angle shots.Continuous speed of 5fps.39 Auto focus points for more detailed images.

Not Too Expensive, Quality Camera With Lithium Ion Not AA Batteries


I don't want to spend too much on my first bridge or dslr camera but I want a good quality camera and i would prefer if it didn't use AA batteries


Nikon D5200 Body only is a right choice for you and yes it does not have any AA battery requirement. Moreover If you are just about to begin ur photography then it will never disappoint you in the image quality.

Good Beginner Dslr With A Flip Screen And Good Resolution


Like macro, landscape and media photography, may chose from mirrorless or dslr within 40,000


Mirrorless DSLR will actually be a really good option!! It saves lots of battery. Nikon D5200 Body Only would be decent option for you.

Looking For My First Dlsr Camera After A Long Time With The Point And Shoot.


I am a beginner in this field and want to go into it a bit seriously. as a entry level one as i see from the expert opinions in the internet it seems a nikon d5200 or canon 700d will suffice my needs for the time being. but i want to buy a camera that will be sufficient even after i improve my skills. i can spare around 1lakhs. also i am a nikon fan so would like to go for a nikon cam. moreover recently i have seen a d7200 that one of my friend bought a few days back. i really liked the pics. as i don't don't have much of a experience in this field so seeking some expert help in this regard. personally in my price bracket i really like d7200. i mostly need it for my tours, some parties and some landscape here and there. so want to know what the experts have to say and please mention any other considerable options. please be in details if possible.


Hi Rajib, So, if you are new to photography then it is suggested you should start with a basic DSLR which will help you to understand the functionalities while taking an image. For Example you will learn that when to use Auto-Focus mode and when manual focus is important. What parameters needs to be taken care of while snapping a good landscape photos. How the editing showing be done. I agree that you have a good budget but it is always advisable that you should start with a basic camera, get a command over the knowledge, be a mast of all the controls available over that camera and then think of taking a Pro Camera in your hand. Nikon D5200 (18-105 mm & 55-200 mm)   or  Nikon D5300 (18-55 & 50mm)  , are really good options for you. I would rather suggest to choose BODY ONLY option while starting your way towards photography.

Dslr For Beginner


Love doing nature photography and taking some pictures for friends


Considering 30 to 35K as basic price for a DSLR for beginner I would suggest Nikon D5200. This is good for low light photography and nature photography. It has good ISO rating and external flash along with good resolution. You can club this with a basic 18mm - 55mm lens and you are all set to go. Details here:  Nikon D5200 (Body Only)

DSLR Below 35000


I am beginner want to buy a DSLR below 35000/-. Can u please suggest me which is the best DSLR in the market.


Nikon d5200 makes a great choice for photography in family functions and vacations, comes with 24.7 mp, and amzing ISO rating range of 100-25600, which will help you take better pic in low light as well. go for a body only version of it and buy a budget zoom lens, like canon 55-250 or Tamron 70-300. Also, get one 50mm f/1.8. That should be it. Once you gain expertise you can explore more and buy suitable lenses. Link- Nikon D5200 (Body Only)

Nikon D3200, Canon Rebel T3 Or Must Be Nikon D5200 (more Expensive)


I am looking for a camera for a student (freshmen) in his first semester of Comunication, class of Digital Photography, I can't spend a lot of money.


I am using Nikon D5200 and trust me it is among the best DSLR specially for the begineers. It has everything perfect. D5200 gets an all-new 24.1MP CMOS chip. Used at full resolution the D5200 is capable of outputting 6000 x 4000 pixels, although there are also lower settings of 4496 x 3000 (Medium) and 2992 x 2000 (Small) available. Another area where the D5200 gets the updates is with the inclusion of a latest generation EXPEED 3 image processor. This is the same processing engine that’s used within the company’s flagship D4 and D800 full-frame models, and which allows the D5200 to achieve a maximum continuous burst speed of 5fp – 1fps higher than the D5100. In addition, the EXPEED 3 processor also enables the D5200 to shoot 1920 x 1080 Full HD movies at 60i and 50i frame rates, as well as 30p. It features standard range of ISO 100-6400 as well. There is a lot I can add on this camera but not expanding a lot i will suggest this will be a nice deal and go for this camera. Nikon D5200 (AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II)


Thank you Nilesh.


Glad that it helped you.. Have a nice Shoppping.. :)