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Back in the days, all it took to capture pictures was a camera and a film roll at our disposal. Or the preferred option was to go to a studio for the photographer to do his job. However with the advancement of technology, it seems to be a different story altogether. Digital cameras have come a long way since its inception and have managed to get a strong foothold in the digital market and they are widely used by most of the population. They come in a variety of types, sizes and prices. 

Point and Shoot models take the frontal role from the gamut of cameras. They are slim in design, light weight and are preferred by people due to this potential. Entry-level point and shoot cameras are available at the starting price of INR 4000 from brands like Panasonic, Fujifilm, Olympus etc. and the expensive ones can shoot upto 1lakhs. But most of them go easy on the pocket of the consumer and come with basic features. Such types come with two types of zoom - Digital zoom & Optical zoom. Most consumers tend to go for digital zoom under the impression that it will provide better quality images. It’s the opposite however and digital zoom infact reduces image resolution and quality. It’s advisable to go for cameras with higher Optical zoom and they are moderately priced too. Advanced versions of point and shoot cameras are known as compact cameras. These type of cameras do away with the slim design and in turn bring in extra features like bigger sensor size, viewfinders, Metering Options etc.
Another category that seems to be catching up is the advent of Mirrorless cameras. They are now considered the bridge way between DLSRs and compact cameras. Major difference between DSLRs and Mirrorless is that the latter does not have a mirror and hence light passes through the lens and right onto the image sensor. These are also referred to as Bridge Cameras. Sony pretty much seems to be leading the front on this. Most of their cameras are based on the mirrorless category.

DSLRs are cameras that provide the option of an interchangeable lens to the user. This allows users to select their desired lens from a multitude of lenses. They offer a wide variety of options when it comes to features like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, sensor resolution, focus points, image stabilization. These features are idealistic and mandatory if you are an enthusiast or a full-time professional. Looking at the high demand for DSLRs, manufacturers like NikonCanonSony have manufactured entry-level DSLRs which are intended for the amateur customers. Seeing this, other digital brands have also made their foray into this market and brought out their respective models. Entry-Level DSLRs are generally priced below INR 35,000 but they can also get expensive depending on what type of lens it comes with and the user buys. This gives the opportunity to buyers to move from mirrorless models to entry-level DSLRs.

Canon's EOS 1100D is quite popular for its aggressive pricing and is well-directed at the amateur market. Nikon D5200 is another trending model which features equivalent pricing and lens. These models are easily available on online shopping platforms in India. Online market places are more likely to offer better prices for these models than showrooms. You may also find some good deals with lenses and other accessories like tripods, flash units, extension tubes etc. They can be purchased at online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay or Snapdeal. Such sellers offer Easy EMI and delivery options too. So, now you need not go to a showroom to buy your product when you can simply order it within the confines of your home. At FindYogi, we understand your need for gadgets and help you find the right model in your budget. We provide you the complete information about the product and seller, availability of technical specifications, lowest prices, best deals and offer, value for money and alternates to choose from. With such a plethora of information at your disposal, you can make your first step towards a happy and content buying experience with us. 


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