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Canon Cameras Price List in India

Prices for Canon Cameras in India were last updated on November 21, 2019. Canon Cameras in India has 42 models being sold in the market. Canon EOS 5D Mark III (EF 24-105mm F4L IS USM) is the best Canon Cameras available in the market at a price of Rs.245060. The latest Canon Cameras to be available is Canon IXUS 160 20MP Digital Camera Color at a price of Rs.7669. Canon EOS 6D (EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM) is one of the most popular Canon Cameras, available for best online price at ebay. Canon is known for quality of its cameras and some of the popular cameras across different categories are listed below. Check out these cameras for latest offers and lowest price. Canon Powershot IXUS 145 price, Canon PowerShot SX600 HS price, Canon EOS 1200D price and Canon EOS 6D price

When it comes to camera brands, Canon can be rightly called as among the top guns in the market of optics. They have constantly occupied the top slot or the 2nd position for a number of years. And based on their technological advancements and brand pirority among the public, this is not gonna change within a short period of time. Starting from the inaugural days of their first digital camera EOS DCS 3 , Canon has made leaps and bounds regarding the advancement of their models, latest example being the recently released full-frame sensor body EOS-1D X Mark II.

Canon's products in the optics industry cater to a wide set of audiences. Starting from the basic point&shoot camera to full-frame DSLRs, the Canon brand has come a long way in this field.
Canon has a very successful line of compact cameras and these are more suitable for users(amateurs) who have recently entered into the world of digital cameras. Such cameras can be easily available under a budget of Rs.10000 and provide decent features – mostly camera resolution, optical zoom etc. Most notable among them is the Canon Powershot SX610HS.

Canon's next field deals with advanced point and shoot cameras, which come with more features than the compact ones. These come with a higher value for optical zoom and camera resolution.

Most of the market revolves around DSLRs(mostly entry-level ones) and has been the case so far even with the addition of full-frame sensor sized models being churned out every year.

Canon EOS 1200D was one of the best budget entry-level DSLRs to have come out from the Canon family. However, with new models being churned out, that mantle has been taken by other cameras from the Canon family – most notably being the EOS 600D.
In the other sub-category which includes high-end professional bodies, Canon 5D Mark III has been the go-to body for most professionals. However with its newest addition, the flagship model EOS 1-DX Mark II hitting the stores in April, it remains to be seen whether allegiance will be changed.

Whatever be the case, Canon is going to keep driving forward towards the top with zeal and try to scuttle away from its competitiors with its digital market ridden initiative and brand value.


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