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2/4 gig graphics, FULL HD Screen, 8 gig RAM



Gaming And Multimedia


Gaming 53000 budget Good display from angles also


Hi you can go for  Asus A550JX XX142D (Ci7/ 4GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 4GB Graphic) Its easily the best option by a mile in this price range. Its the only proper gaming laptop in this budget since its also the only laptop to come with i7 HQ cpu which is a high performance quad core cpu instead of the normal i7 which is dual core. It also comes witha GTX 950 M which is normally only in 70k + laptops. GTX series are gaming grade cards and with this you can play high end games with ease and no issues at all.  

Budget Laptop For Gaming


I want to buy a laptop for gaming and multimedia. My requirements are a Nvidia GTX graphics card and a 141 ppi display. Minimum RAM of 8GB. Could you suggest some laptops? I find that your search criteria does not incorporate my requirements(other than RAM)


You can opt below laptop  MSI GE60 2PG Apache 623IN (Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graphic)

What Would Be The Best Laptop Specifications For A Regular Traveller


I am a frequent traveller so need a laptop that can be carried around everywhere I go. Need to know the specifications which would be best for this


There are a variety of specifications that you could obviously get for laptops. However if it is for travelling than I would suggest you should look only at laptops less than 2 kgs. In your case weight is therefore the first specification to look out for.


The following are essential according to me: 1. Great battery backup 2. Light weight (At least below or equal to 1.8 kg)


Hi..i want which laptop is better for practice for daily

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Laptops Price List in India to Buy Online

Laptop is accepted as the portable computing device but now the scenario is changing where laptops are facing tough competition from Tablets and Phablets which are considerable smaller devices and light weight. Ofcourse there are many tasks that cannot be performed on a tablet but that does not reduces the risk of fading out. Hence Laptops have also evolved with the need. There are laptops that have 11 inches or even 10 inches display, light weight, different OS, detachable keyboards etc. Variety of these devices today includes Touch Screen Laptops, MacBook, Convertibles/Hybrids, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and Sleekbooks. Many more may hit the market soon. Brands like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Apple, Sony, Lenovo,Toshiba etc. are constantly striving to make better machines. These manufacturers offer variety of laptops to suite every budget need. Gone are those days when affordability was an issue. Entry level laptops are packed with all basic features and prices start with as low as INR 16,000. You can use FindYogi to compare laptops in India. 

Everyday Use laptops are packed with good processors, 1-2 GB RAM, ~500 GB HDD, Windows OS and other basic features and prices of these from reputed brands like Lenovo and HP starts at INR 18,000. Consumer who travel a lot and need a powerful yet light weight machine, manufacturers designed ultrabooks and sleekbooks. These laptops are priced at little higher. Professionals who require higher specifications can search the perfect match in professional series offered by these manufacturers. These devices are generally expensive ones as they come with better processors and processing speed, better battery backup, higher storage space, GPUs and RAM. One may also find variety of Gaming Laptops that come with specifically designed configurations to suite the need for gaming, need not to say they can also be used for other purposes. These highend specifications can also suite the need of graphic designing, 3D Animation, Coding etc. Students who are on a hunt to find a power packed machine available at low budget can get their hands on Everyday use laptops with better specifications and also see their comaprison. Manufacturers design every series in different price range. More you are willing to pay better the specifications you get.

These laptops are now no more restricted to showrooms they can be purchased online. While most of the sellers offer these machines online on their website one can also look at market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Infibeam etc to get better offers. They are likely to sell these devices on a cheaper price. They also offer EMI facility and Door Step delivery. Decision making is a complex process hence every buyer should make sure he understands what he is buying. So there are platforms like FindYogi who help you through your search. We help you understand the product by giving you information on specifications, product quality, best prices and who is selling it, delivery options, offers, value for money, other alternates etc. FindYogi also maintains various lists to help you find the best laptops under various price range and even specific requirements. One you easily choose the best fit in your budget with your configuration requirement. With this information you are on the right path to make correct decision, else see you can compare or get expert advice.

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