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Best Dell Alienware Laptops India
Best Dell Alienware Laptops India has 53 Laptops to choose. The Best Dell Alienware Laptops India to be available is Dell Alienware 14 (Ci7/ 16GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 1GB Graphic) Dell Inc. bears the name of its founder Michael Dell and was founded in 1984. This multinational computer technology company develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. Dell initially gained a lot of popularity for its easy to connect and use desktops. It was this brand with which setting up your desktops was no more a tedious task. Dell ranks number 3 by unit sales in 2013. Its laptops are majorly divided into Vostro series, Inspiron, and Alienware series. Vostro, Inspiron and Latitude offers mainstream laptops whereas Alienware bring high end gaming laptops that can also be used for graphic designing and animation. Dell acquired Alienware, a manufacturer of high-end PCs popular with gamers in 2006. This was to conquer highend gaming laptops market. Since then Dell Alienware laptops are the best laptops for gaming. These laptops run on highend processors, higher RAM and high dedicated graphics processing memory space. . Best Dell Alienware Laptops India mentioned on this page are amongst the best ones available in India. The data for these Best Dell Alienware Laptops India are sourced from official sites of the manufacturers in India. Dell is one of the most trusted laptop brand. Since its incorporation it has focused on manufacturing products per the needs of its customers. It gained lot of popularity for its innovations in supply chain management and electronic commerce, particularly its direct-sales model and its "build-to-order" or "configure to order" approach to manufacturing and delivering individual PCs configured to customer specifications. Over the past years it has expanded its portfolio and now it sells personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, cameras, printers, MP3 players and also electronics built by other manufacturers. Dell acquired Alienware to be able to design and manufacture world's best gaming laptops. This deal did justice to the thought behind its acquisition. Today Dell Alienware series offer the best gaming laptops. These laptops are a bit bulky and do not carry stylish look. They have a distinctively big design as they carry 17 inches or above of screen size. They offer HD audio support to enhance the gaming experience. You can find many models under this series but you need to decide which one fits your requirement the best. Basic configuration to look at is Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i7 Extreme processor, 8 -16 GB DDR3 RAM or 2 - 6 GB DDDR5 RAM, 8 - 16 GB DDR3 dedicated graphics processing memory space, advanced GPU, 1TB HDD, additional SSD space ~128 GB but this is limited to only few models, 15.6 inches - 17 inches plus screen size. Most preferable screen size is 17 inches which renders enhanced graphics. These laptops are sure to offer lag free fluid like gaming experience. Due to their high specification sets they are also well suited for 3D animation and graphics designing. . The page was last updated on December 15, 2019.