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Lenovo Laptops Price List in India
Prices for Lenovo Laptops in India were last updated on November 13, 2019. Lenovo Laptops in India has 186 models being sold in the market. Lenovo Ideapad 80SV00FFIH 7th Gen (Ci7/8GB/Win10/4GB Graphics) is the best Lenovo Laptops available in the market at a price of Rs.69939. The latest Lenovo Laptops to be available is Lenovo 14 V310-80T2004EIH Notebook 6th Gen (Ci5/4GB/DOS) at a price of Rs.39990. Lenovo G50 80 80E5039EIH (Ci3/ 4GB/ 1TB/ DOS) is one of the most popular Lenovo Laptops, available for best online price at shopclues. Lenovo offers wide variety of laptops across all types viz. Everyday Use, Touch Screen, Students Laptops, Gaming Laptops, Entertainment Laptops etc. These laptops are also available at various price ranges. Some popular Lenovo Laptops are mentioned below. Check out latest offers and lowest prices on them. Lenovo Flex 2 14 59-420166 price, Lenovo Yoga 2 59-428504 price, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 68861E6 price and Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70 59-431090 price This chinese computer technology giant needs no introduction. Lenovo is one of the most premier brands users look at while selecting a laptop. It has been ruling the laptop arena for so long, making one of the most desired machines. Laptops manufactured by Lenovo are not only good looking but they are extremely portable and power machines. Built quality of Lenovo Laptops is one thing customers drool over. Lenovo started it's operations in 1984 and since then it has changed the way computing devices were designed. Lenovo is one the world's most trusted laptop brand for office professionals. Lenovo is world's largest PC vendor in 2013 by number of units sold. Lenovo Thinkpad was one of the best selling series in 2013 for office use. For Everyday use lenovo laptops have a stylish Yoga series and ideapads that are quite popular. Lenovo added face recognition feature in its new laptops that added additional layer of security. Lenovo's latest Lenovo Touch Screen laptops and convertibles is quite popular among youngsters. Lenovo's Yoga 2 touch screen convertible seems quite a hit in its touch screen laptops. Lenovo laptops Yoga series was a bit of a mess in the tablet mode and Sony and Toshiba took the necessary lessons with the Flip Line and 5-in-1 convertible respectively while Lenovo has made a comeback with the ThinkPad Yoga with a Lift and Lock keyboard that will get flat when you flip the screen in the tablet mode. No more having your fingers pressed into the exposed keys at the back. The additional pen input feature has made things easier for use. However, the ThinkPad Yoga is much heavier than the Yoga 2 Pro and the screen is not as sharp as demands are. The X1 Carbon keyboard had the adaptive panel to control the change in mode or depending on the application in use. However, the ThinkPad Yoga keeps to the conventional island-style layout for the keyboard but the good thing is, it is spill-resistant. The ‘Smile’ keys and the track pad free from buttons continue to rule the keypad style.The function keys lined at the top are the multimedia controls combined with the Fn button for other uses of the same buttons. Most of the buttons have a size comfortable for the fingers but a few are encroached into small spaces to avoid letting the laptop become too large. The buttons are supported with the same sturdy panel typical to the ThinkPad so that no matter how much you tap away the buttons will remain safe and fit at your service. The device is thick allowing the keys to have enough cushion.The ThinkPad Yoga has a default resolution of 1366x768 of Gorilla Glass casing but you can upgrade the panel to 1920x1080 by dishing out just 250 bucks more. The matte finish of the screen helps prevent too much glare so the laptop is a treat for the eyes with the perfect resolution for objects to be bright enough but the eyes don’t hurt even hours after constant working or playing on the device. There are enough optimum viewing angles so that you can see clearly even if the lid is bended or lifted in tablet mode. The screen is coated with a matte layer to make it less slippery and that keeps the screen clean from greasy touches and helps reflect minimum light. Lenovo laptops always brings good quality pens and this pen makes the screen like a paper canvas making it ideal to doodle or scribble or take real notes. The Wacom active digitizer enables the pen to function to the best of its performance. The best part about the Wacom active digitized pen is it makes the screen sensitive to the slightest of pressure difference so that you do not have to clench your teeth to take notes like you did back at school. Of course the main advantage is there is lesser chance of putting a scratch on the screen. With an amazing screen and decent processor and RAM and with a little bit of improvement on the speaker setup, the ThinkPad Yoga is set to change the history of Lenovo laptops. The page was last updated on November 13, 2019.