List of Best Sleekbooks

Top Sleekbooks available in India are available in this list. This series of laptops was introduced by HP for its sleek laptops. These are almost as good as Ultrabooks, only a little slower. They lack the Intel technonlogy that qualifies them to be called a Ultrabook, and are available at an affordable price, most importantly have most of the features one looks for. One needs to know that HP uses the same chasis to create Ultrabook and Seekbook only difference is the battery backup and configurational setup. They carry 14 - 15.6 inch display, good processor clocked at an average processing speed of 1.8 GHz, some of the models carry dedicated graphics memory space as well and their biggest advantage is they are light weight. These Sleekbooks are stylish and sleek. They also offer good battery backup as they are designed to be used during long travels. They are generally priced between the price range of Rs.40,000 - 60,000.