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Sony Laptops Price List in India
Prices for Sony Laptops in India were last updated on September 23, 2019.Sony is known for its Vaio series laptops which offer a great deal of durability and ruggedness in the long term. Sony Laptops in India has 112 models being sold in the market. Sony VAIO SVZ13115GNXI (Ci7/ 8GB/ 256GB/ Win7 Pro) is the best Sony Laptops available in the market at a price of Rs.174000. The latest Sony Laptops to be available is Sony Vaio SVF15212SNW (Ci3/2GB/500GB/Win8) at a price of Rs.36899. Sony VAIO SVZ13115GNXI (Ci7/ 8GB/ 256GB/ Win7 Pro) is one of the most popular Sony Laptops, available for best online price at 174000. Sony has its presence across various domains like Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Motion pictures, music, semiconductors etc. The company that was founded as early as 1946 has come a long to way to achieve what it enjoys as status today in the market. Sony is one of the top brands in Cameras and TV category. It has earned this stature with the Bravia series for TV. Bravia series brings some of the best lit, brightview LED TVs so far. Under Cameras its DSLR series for entry level DSLR is a hit for the sensors it uses and lens. Sony's Laptops tell a different story. Sony wasn't very popular when it introduced its first set of laptops. Market was largely dominated by Dell, HP and Lenovo. It tried countering their shortfalls to improve laptops. So it launched Vaio series for its laptops. Since then Sony sells its laptops under Vaio series. It was the first company which highlighted Video and Audio features on laptop. It became quite popular among youngsters for the looks and features it offered. It was then the manufacturer of one of the most stylish laptops one could get their hands on. These laptops broke the regular norm of standard box type devices. Though the company faced difficult times in 2006 when there was lot of controversies over it's batteries being burst or catching fire. All the goodwill it created in the market for good specifications and enhanced audio and video experience was taken a back when stability of its devices were in question. This downfall did not stop Sony from innovating and manufacturing better laptops. Sony offers wide range of notebooks, entertainment laptops and everyday use laptops. Sony also launched couple of laptops with high end specifications which did not do that well in the market. It also offers trending hybrid or touch screen laptops. These look stylish, they are light weight and offer considerably improved battery backup. Sony Vaio was the series that introduced colors to laptops. Laptops from this series came in vibrant Blue, Aqua, Red, Green and so many other colors. This bought a personalized feel to laptops and got customers rid of those boring Black and silver standard colors of laptop. Sony made these laptops available for online shopping through online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal or Ebay. These laptops were available at cheaper prices on online shopping markertplaces. Even after introducing so many features somehow the sales never shot up to a distinctive level. Since the company is not able to boast sales figures for its Vaio laptops it announced its sale in February 2014. The page was last updated on September 23, 2019.