Make a movie of your best moments – 1 sec everyday!

Sometimes we have heard people saying that before the crash or accident  they saw all the good and bad memories flashing in front of their eyes. What if you can see all the good memories and delete the bad ones. The new app 1 Second Everyday will make this possible for you. You don’t have to meet an accident or crash to see all the best moments of your life. You can watch it whenever you want right away from your smartphone.

This app allows you to easily reflect back of your life—to look back at your day-to-day decisions.
We have a tendency to pull cameras out when we’re doing something fun or interesting, but we probably don’t think to record when we’re just sitting at home watching TV.  Recording a moment daily will encourage you to wake up and seize each day.  This app is also helpful for the people with bad memory.
Just because we dont do anything world-shaking one day, doesn’t mean we should forget that day ever happened.  Perhaps use your less-enthralling days to inspire you to do something cool tomorrow.  Instead of letting the days, months, & years blend together into a hazy mush, make each day have meaning! This app will provide you with priceless data on how you are living your life.

Features of App:

  • The App accesses the videos in your camera roll, so you can start recording 1 Second Everyday RIGHT NOW! Effortlessly compile them the day you get the App!
  • Setup friendly reminders so you never forget a day!
  • Keep multiple timelines!  You could have one for yourself, for each of your kid, your dinner,what you wear every day etc.
  • iCloud backup of your chosen seconds.
  • Compile any given amount of time desired—a month, a year, or just select a start and end date.
  • Post your compilations directly to youTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Tumblr
  • You can continue to use the iPhone’s Camera App, or any video App you currently use.  The 1SE App will use any videos in your camera roll.  But if you want to record your second directly from the App, you can do that too.
  • It is optimized for iPhone 5 users.
  • Once you’ve selected a day’s second, you can remove the original video from your camera roll.  The App copies the moment and keeps it within the App itself.
  • Your seconds are privately held on your phone.  You never have to share this with anyone if you don’t want to.  The primary purpose of this App is to help you remember your own life.  Sharing is optional.
Sure people have been doing projects like these with photographs like making collage but what if your collage had life ? your each moment will speak itself.This app will produce an interesting side-effect, it will encourage you to do at least one interesting thing every day.Writing things down on a journal just doesn’t generate the same results as actually having an audible/visual trigger to jolt your memory.Each “save” will allow you to return  where you were and how you felt,  to connect the dots to remember un-captured events that transpired between any 2 recorded seconds.

This project will be funded on December 27th 2012,so we can expect this app to release soon and bring new features along with it’s release. It was first created only for iOS users, but it is expected to be released with android update too.

Source: Kickstarter