10 Super Cool Kitchen Machines That Make Painful Tasks Easy

These days supermarkets are full of various kitchen tools that make everyday peeling, chopping, grating easy. Here is the list of 10 unique kitchen tools that will surely make it to your wishlist.

Pineapple Slicer Dicer

Pineapple slicer

Have you ever imagined that peeling and slicing Pineapple would be so easy? This Pineapple slicer dicer is super cool. It smartly Peels, slices and dices pineapple and all you get in bundle of juicy bites in seconds.

Oxo Cherry and Olive Pitter


Hate those seeds while eating cherries and Olives. Removing these seeds without spreading juice is next to impossible. No more! Now it is easy and convenient with this cool tool.

OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Avocado slicer

Isn’t it tedious to remove centre seed of Avocados? We love this healthy fruit but it consumes a lot of time in removing seed, peeling its skin and then slicing it. Here is 3-in-1 Avocado slicer. This really saves time.

Oil Strainer

Oil stainer

This is one thing all the mothers and foodie are going to love.

Compact Cycle Shaped Pizza Cutter

Compact pizza cutter

Isn’t this cute? Easy to carry and so portable

Glass Holder

Glass Holder

This glass holder can easily be clutched to any table or flat surface.

Egg Yolk Separator

Yolk separator

Do you struggle to separate egg yolk from egg white? Here is this cool egg yolk separator.

Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler

It’s amazing how easily this floppy tube peels a clove of garlic. Simply insert whole unpeeled cloves, press down firmly, and briskly roll back and forth for a few seconds, until you hear the peel snap.

Herb Miller

herb miller

Place parsley, cilantro, dill, sage and mint in this mill, and then just twist the handle – the ultra-sharp scissoring blades quickly mince even large quantities of herbs

Pepper Corer

Pepper corer

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a kitchen beginner, you’ll love the speed and precision of this brilliantly designed coring tool.