2 Important updates in iOS 6

As mentioned earlier in the post, that YouTube applications will be removed from iOS 6. These updates have arrived when Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 for the developers. There have been many rumors about the new iPhone 5, initially rumors claimed that iPhone 5 will be taller as compared to the present edition of this phone and now with this new version of iOS beta release, which is scalable for the taller screens, developers believe that iOS 5 screen will be taller.


The only reason due to which iPhone was not increasing the size of the screen was the resolution problem. Apple always had a fixed dimension for the screen since it released iPhone 2 and since all those 25 billion applications on App Store are designed as per that screen dimensions. Now if they change the resolution then, almost all the applications will have to be updated, else they might lose their support on iPhone.

Secondly, a feature for data exchange has been introduced which is ‘Wi-Fi plus Cellular’; well this is a solution to a great problem for the iPhone users. Presently, our iPhones when connected on a Wi-Fi connection don’t leave the connection the change to 3G, even if the Wi-Fi hotpot is delivering very slow speed. But with this feature enabled, your iPhone will not prioritize a WiFi connection all the time, it will check for the better transfer rate and it will switch to the connection with the better speed.

But now there are certain services which you will never want to be operated on Cellular data, for example Facetime, which will eat-up lots of cellular data in no time and thus increase your mobile bill. So you can turn off the cellular data option for these services in Settings section and then they will only work on WiFi.

We keep you updates with more updates related to iOS 6.