32 GB HP touchpad for $200!

It is time for a tablet from HP! If you have missed taking HP touchpad for $99, here is an interesting deal; 32 GB HP touchpad is now available for $299. It was launched as a competitor for iPad but did not reach the expectation of HP fans especially with the price.

This can be considered as a good move from HP, given the market situation of tablets. This is again an offer! If you are interested, grab your piece immediately from Woot, the Amazon resource which has only limited number of pieces available. To be exact, the price of this Touchpad is $195 which has 32 GB memory and Wi-Fi access available. This tablet is capable of carrying Android, which makes it a better deal!

HP touch Pad

Touchpad was launched last summer with a price of $500 and faced severe obstacles during sale. After 49 days, the gadget was removed from the market and sold off the remaining stock for a dead-cheap price of $99. The company also released web Operating system to the open source community.

If you are thinking of grabbing HP touchpad, this might be the last chance for you to get one. Well, even I was one of those who missed getting one tablet when the price was $99!


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