4 Features that make Ubuntu SmartPhone OS Unbeatable

Ubuntu is known for its version of Linux as an Open Source Operating System for desktops and now when they have already announced about their version for Android phone, the application bank will take not much time to build up and the best part is that you can use your phone directly from your PC. So, let us take a look at the distinguishing features which were unveiled at CES 2013 with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, indicating that already available Android smartphones are good enough to run this OS.

No buttons Only Gestures

Gestures will control everything on your phone; they claim that they will eradicate the use of buttons from the phone. Apple has always targeted the least number of button on the phone but they never made it zero but Ubuntu smartphone OS claims to do that.


To do this they have provided huge list of gestures which includes moving your finger from the bottom edge to upwards and this will display the options which you can do on that screen related to that application.
You can swipe your finger from the right edge of the screen towards the left side and this will open the last used application by you and if you will do that in the opposite direction then you will see the home screen (right from where you started) and if you will repeat that again on the home screen then you will see the applications in different category like running applications, recently used applications and more.

Smart Search

Whenever you enter any query in the search field, it will search for that query everywhere on your phone and it will list all the music files, video files, contact entries, SMS exchanged and all the other instances related to that query available under any type of application will be available to you in the search results.

Smart Messaging

Usually you switch to Facebook Messenger to chat with the friends on Facebook then switch to Google Talk application to chat with the friend on Google Account. So, this might become irritating when you are being pinged by the users from different applications, keeping this problem in mind they have integrated all the chatting windows to a single window. Now every type of messages exchanged with a person (including the mails) will be saved under a single archive.


Like iCloud, Ubuntu will also provide users with their cloud account will always sync their photos from phone to that account and the same time you will be able to sync them with the account on iCloud, Facebook, Google or Dropbox.

All these are the big features when this OS is compared with the other smartphone OS like iOS, Android, Windows Phone OS and RIM as I can’t see any of these in these OS. I presume that it will be a bang once it gets launched in the early 2014.