4 Important features coming up in iOS 6.1

Now when Apple Maps has been highly criticized along with some big issues in their Passbook application, iOS 6.1 is already on its way to remove all the problems faced by users. Google has released their Google Maps but you must have noticed but it is the web UI and it lags a lot if you are using a slow data connection on your way. Keeping all the flaws in mind and few more features to implement, Apple has released this iOS upgrade and in this post we will tell you that what all features are available in this new version.

‘Report a Problem button’ in Apple Maps, not only the data is missing from Apple Maps with respect to many countries but the data already provided also has many discrepancies which can be removed from this button. So, next time you see that your office building or your residential area has been indicated wrongly on Apple Maps, just send the correct the coordinates using this button.

Siri now has an option of another voice, if you are bored of Siri’s female voice responding to your commands then now you will have Dami. Now I am not sure whether it will be another female voice or it will be a male voice specially designed of the iPhone ladies users. But, yes you will have voice options for Siri now.

There will new music control button on the lock screen, when you will double press the home button. They will be of something mentioned below.

LTE will now work for European and American countries and Passbook application will be full of more details explaining about the service being provided on it.