4 New Phones Announced This Week That Will Make It Big

There is no dearth of new mobiles being announced by all brands every week. Though this week seems to be seeing some remarkable phones being announced. Here’s quick look at them.

1. Lava Xolo A500S – The Xolo series has been doing wonders for the Lava. The smartphone series has been positioned as a high end hardware and rubs more on the branding of Intel than Lava. The newly announced Xolo A500S takes affordability to a very new level. This 4 inch screen phone runs a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor. At an expected price of Rs.7,000 ,  Xolo A500S is a steal deal.

2. LG G2 – LG has been long facing a problem of having a product. The Optimus series also did not seem to do much well for it. With LG G2 this might change. The phone has the most high end features available in the market. Though this is very similar to the LG Optimus G Pro but with a smaller screen it is more easy to carry. As compared to Optimus G Pro, LG G2 is faster and lighter. And obviously, the name is has a high recall value, like the S3/S4 from Samsung, Canvas 2/4 for Micromax and the world favorite iPhone series of names. LG G2 price in India is expected to be sub Rs.40K.

3. Motorola Moto X – Google has been silent after acquiring Motorola. With the announcement Moto X it has drawn long due attention. Though the hardware specs don’t seem to very remarkable as compared to flagship phones of other manufacturers but the Moto X is getting talked about for it’s customizable casing. The phone is light at 130gms and comes with 1.7Ghz dual core processor. Moto X price in India could be around Rs.35K.

4. Apple  iPhone 5C – This one is more of a rumor but if true the iPhone 5C could redefine Apple positioning in the mobile market. The iPhone 5c is expected to be a cheaper version in the iPhone series with a plastic body.  This sounds too bad to be true as Apple should not be changing it’s positioning of the premium products in the market. Apple products command a premium and one would expect a brand to not do anything that dilutes such a strong positioning. We will have to wait to see how true this is. Rumors on the web also suggest that the iPhone 5c price in India would be around Rs.27K and the is expected by October this year.

Will you wait for any of these phones?