4 New Products By Belkin To Automate Your Home

Let’s check out  the new Netcam HD, Wemo Light Switch, and other amazing home automation tech at the end of this CES 2013.

untitled-1-1357531501The Product  Netcam HD is a cool HD camera which helps to monitor the entire house via your website from any where through your smartphone or tablet. It even contains the feature of night vision so you can even see in the dark when the lights are off. Not just the videos but the sound quality is so good that you can hear every detail clearly.

This product is available at the price of $180.

Belkin-Introduces-AC1200DB-Wi-Fi-router-1The New AC1200 and AC 800 Wi-Fi Routers are nothing but just our handy routers but the best part about them they donot slow down no matter how many devices are connected to them. They manage to give you decent speed which is available when 1 product is connected and where more devices are connected to it. This handy router is available at the rate of $180 and it has really high speed.

ces-innovations-2013-belkin-wemo-baby-450x282Now you don’t have to carry your baby monitor remote anywhere you go.The Wemo baby is new baby monitor which is connected to your smartphone via app for remote monitoring. It is very usual that you may bymistake forget your remote but you never tend to forget your smartphone any where, You may call it a habit or your love for your phone that you never forget it. So Wemo baby monitor is a handy monitor which actuly gives you a benifit out of your habit of not forgetting your phone.It is really nice, compact and available at the price of $89.99.

WeMoSwitch-640x480The Product Wemo Light Switch is a cool product which actually syncs with your smartphone and you can use your smartphone as the main smart switch which can used to switch on or switch off any lights in your house.It includes the IFTTT settings.

Check out these cool products and automate your home today.

Note: These gadgets are coming in Android very soon.