5 Best Alternatives For WhatsApp

Instant messaging apps are now competing with emails wherein users can not only exchange information in the form of text but can send videos and images too. As compared to emails, these apps are quite easy to use. Among all messenger apps, WhatsApp stands to be the best. However, not many people know that there are some excellent alternatives to WhatsApp. We have listed below a few for you!

  1. Hike Messenger


Being an Indian IM app, this is as close as using WhatsApp. You can enjoy some cool stickers with Hike to make your chat more expressive and attractive. It has some exclusive chat themes that you would surely enjoy.

Available for Android,  iOS and Windows

  1. WeChat


You might have probably not heard of WeChat but it has some very attractive features that are not worth missing out on. Being a free app, it supports Windows, Android as well as iOS. Users can enjoy various features like free calling to WeChat users, stickers, video chat, group chat and more. To add to it, it has free games too.

Available for AndroidiOS and Windows

  1. Viber


If you wish to enjoy chats in over 12 languages, then you must download Viber right away. The major highlight of this app is that it offers free calling on the same network. It supports Baba, Symbian, iOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry devices. So, if you want to enjoy the dual benefits of calling and texting, it is necessary to have Viber.

Available for AndroidiOS and Windows

  1. Kik Messenger


You might have probably heard this name for the first time. However, it does have some descent features that you expect from a good messenger app. There is no need of using a phone number for using this app; all you need is just a Username. It offers a filter option, wherein you can block people you don’t wish to chat with. Another interesting feature is that it supports Public group chat up to 50 people.

Available for AndroidiOS and Windows

  1. Telegram


Telegram is considered to be the best alternative to WhatsApp. Apart from having some superior security features, you can use it on PCs and tablets too.  Another added advantage is that you can use it on multiple devices simultaneously. All you need is configuring various devices with the same number and use whatever device is conveniently available at that time.

Available for AndroidiOS and Windows