5 Bizarre Nokia Phone Designs

Nowadays, people have only 1 type of prominent design when it comes to smartphone. It is that ‘Slate-like’ smartphone having a touch screen. However, ever had a look at those phones which used to be available 10 years back? Those phones used to have innovative and diverse designs and would go to any extent to meet the consumer demands. We have brought before you the most bizarre Nokia phones ever! Have a look!

  • Nokia 6800


It was a unique device launched in around 2003. By introducing its QWERTY keyboard, it had taken nokia phones to a completely new level. It was relatively thin and had a ‘Blackberry-look’. It was a flip phone and the screen could be rotated 90 degrees for accommodating the emailer or prolific texter.

  • Nokia 7600


Announced in the year 2003, Nokia 7600 had a dashing design. Featuring a 128 x 160 pixel screen, it used to run on the 2G network. Being of a size of a cigarette packet, it was almost impossible to hold it in one hand. If you had to call people, the device had to be held at a 45 degree angle. Obviously, if you had one that time, people must have called you ‘silly’.

  • Nokia 5510


Nokia 5510 was a dedicated Multimedia and music device and had a monochrome screen. Sporting a QWERTY keyboard, it made it easier for everyone to text and communicate. It included MP3 playback which allowed the users to listen to music while typing away to friends. Since the ear-speaker was embedded in the bottom right, users had to hold the device flat to the face. No doubts, it looked similar to that of a TV remote control.

  • Nokia 8910i


This is the first ‘business’ phone by Nokia. Being housed in a titanium shell, this device was perfect for business use. It was 2003’s most expensive device. Although it was quite thick, it was light in weight. You had to slid the screen out to access the thin-button keypad. However, its major problem was that when users made a call, it resulted in high-pitched yelps and squeals since the shell couldn’t retain heat. It was no less than holding something frozen, every time a call had to be made.

  • Nokia N93


Launched in the year 2006, this was the 1st N-Series phone. It could be twisted and comforted to almost any layout. You could also flip it for playing games just like a game console. It had a 3.15 mp camera located at the side of that device. Apart from that, it ran Symbian Series 60 which allowed users to send instant messages and email..


This is our pick of the most bizarre designs by Nokia, do you have any phone on your mind?