5 iPhone 5 Free Apps you must have!

The new and enhanced iPhone 5, which apple claims is the best iPhone it has built to date, comes with an array of improvements. The new and taller 4” screen giving apps more real estate to display their content, 4G (LTE) service giving you faster data speeds, and improved camera system and a new improved processor with enhanced graphics. in order to make full use of these enhancements requires apps designed to take advantage of the new improved features on the iPhone 5. Some of these new & updated apps are


1.CNN (Free)
One of the first Apps to be optimised for the iPhone 5.This new and improved CNN App for iOS 6 comes with features like pull down navigation drawers and the larger screen also helps in displaying more content compared to the previous version. The feel of the iPhone app has become very similar to its iPad version after this update.


2.Flipboard (Free)
Flipboard has been a must have App for users since its launch. With a single App linking your social network and other news feed into one interface, making it very convenient for the user to browse through the feeds using one hand. The new version makes good use of the new 4” display giving you more display content per page.


3.Youtube (Free)
One of the new Apps to be launched with the iOS 6 launch was the new Youtube App. Google decided to launch an independent app after apple decided discontinue the standard app that came along with the previous versions of the iOS. The new App has a cleaner interface and integrated Google+ support. And the new search features like the voice search make it all the more easier for the user.

This popular note-taking App has become a must have among most iPhone users due to its unique features. Cross platform syncing and its Organizer like features make it an essential tool for improving productivity. The new version comes with support for the new larger display of the iPhone 5 and Facebook sharing features.


5.Twitter (Free)
With iOS 6 coming with deep twitter integration this app is a must have for twitter addicts. The simple and easy interface makes it an easy to use App compared to its counterparts. The new version of the app works without any jitters and makes full use of the large screen displaying more tweet per page.