5 Million Galaxy Note 2 Sold

Samsung have announced that they have sold 5 million units of their Galaxy Note 2 phablet. This comes a month after they announced that they had shipped 3 million units of the device. So, why is that so important? Well, the earlier Galaxy Note took three months to reach the same sales figure. The figure also tells us how people are responding to the device. The earlier Galaxy Note, which made the phablets famous, had been criticized to be too big. And now the sales figures of the newer Note 2 shows that people are coming to like a smartphone with a huge screen and these data could also lead to other manufacturers developing their own phablets (HTC has already with its Butterfly J/Droid DNA and Dell was the first to bring out a phablet with the launch of Dell Streak). So this is some really good news for phablet lovers, expect more phablets in the future.