5 SmartLocks – Leave Your House Without A Key


Time has changed and security has become a major reason of worry. Sharing keys and combination is another headache. With changing needs security system has also evolved. Technology has transformed even locks today. While electronic locks have been in the market for some time now, newer technology has spawned an innovative new product line. That technology, Bluetooth version 4.0, is helping the deadbolt catch up in the world of keyless entry.

Top 5 Bluetooth operated smartlocks are listed below. Each of them offer unique features and are extremely popular with smartphone users due to the ease they offer to unlock them through cell phones.

The Lockitron


Lockitron was one of the early enterers in this market. It did create the buzz in market and was soon very popular. It’s rich in features thanks to the dual Bluetooth and WiFi architecture and a lower price point positions it as a great value. It is priced at $179.



Kevo was initially made famous in an episode of Shark Tank. UniKey made a strong impression in that appearance, culminating in a partnership with industry leading brand, Kwikset. This product was positioned on top with the security Bluetooth deadbolt feature. This was the first was to work towards this innovative technology. The Kevo is accepting pre-orders and will be widely available at several online and offline retailers on October 31. Kevo is listed at a price of $219.



Noke is world’s first Bluetooth padlock. It’s simple to operate and easy to share without being worrying about getting the keys back. One needs to download their iOS or Android app, Noke automatically finds and pairs to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone.  To unlock Noke, simply press the shackle. Noke wakes up and searches for your phone or a shared phone. If the phone is within 10 feet, Noke will instantly unlock so you can be on your way. No need to launch an app. This device is priced at $59 which is the discounted price $30 lower than the listed price.

August Smart Lock


August is the most stylish in this list. It’s inspired design is positioning the product on the emotional spectrum if the available brands, offering great features with an artistic flourish. It is easy to install and its sleek design looks stunning. Its easy to replace it batteries. It offers upto one year of battery life. Considering the security parameter August does not allow lock to be unlocked via internet. It is priced at $199.



Goji comes with a premium price tag but it does not disappoint with its cool digital design. It works on combination of Wifi and Bluetooth. It is one of the most complicated Bluetooth deadbolt locks. It is compatible to all smartphones. It enables its user to control and monitor their lock via internet connection. Goji offers a fob for convenience unlocking. It is priced at $235.