5 Unique Alarm Apps

Many people often get late to their classes or work by missing their alarm, thanks to their heavy sleeping. Fortunately, Android offers some unique alarm apps for such people. These apps help in waking up heavy sleepers easily and work efficiently. Since soothing and mild tones don’t work well, here are some Android alarm clock apps for those who just can’t get out of their bed.

  1. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock app

You might have seen many Alarm clocks but not one like this. As its name suggests, it uses a puzzle for waking up a person. It starts with an explosion sound which is enough to wake up anyone. A soothing melody can also be selected.

What is unique?

The alarm can be disabled with a QR code or an NFC tag. The tag can be placed in the kitchen and after this, you would have to walk up to the kitchen – only then you can shut the alarm.

Available for android

  1. Timely Alarm Clock


This is one is mainly for Jazz lovers. It would wake you up in ‘STYLE’. It offers various sounds, looks and customizations that are hard to find. Not only is the app perfect for smartphones but is also perfect for tablets. The themes are just perfect for setting the mood in the morning.

What is unique?

Once the phone is picked up for shutting the alarm, the app would recognize it. Then, the intensity of the alarm is lowered and the head doesn’t hurt much.

Available for android

  1. Alarm Pro Free


This would ensure you wake up like a Pro. This is a perfect alarm clock app for those who just don’t like getting up. It has a sharp interface and its design is its major highlight. Not only would this app wake you up but would also help you avoid daydreaming.

What is unique?

This app can be used very creatively. Double alarms can be set for important days, 1 that would wake you up and another that would tell you that you have woken up.

Available for androidiOS

  1. I Can’t Wake up


You can use this app very creatively. I set double alarms for important days, one that wakes me and the other tells me what to do after I have woken up. This way there is very little chance that I forget a birthday or an important meeting.

What is unique?

After the alarm is closed, a selected app can launched by it. For example, this feature can be used for launching the radio app automatically.

Available for android

  1. Alarmy


A perfect solutions for those who always tend to miss important meetings and final exams. This app uses a very unique way of waking you up. It would force you to get up and click a photo of the pre-registered place. Yes, you would have to get up and take a photo for shutting the alarm.

What is unique?

This unique way of the app to force you out of the bed makes it the most opted Android alarm clock. It has a 100 percent success track record.

Available for android and iOS