6.3 inch Display On Galaxy Note III?


Just 3 months back, Samsung had launches its new phablet, the Galaxy Note II. Just months after being available, Samsung has reportedly sold more than 5 million Galaxy Note II devices. And now there are rumours that have surfaced about a new Galaxy Note.

According to a Korean daily, The Korean Times, local suppliers are talking about a 6.3-inch OLED screen for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3! The new Galaxy Note II sports a 5.5 inch display which is an increase of 0.3 inch from its predecessor. To support the 0.3 increase the new Galaxy Note II had to be made longer. So now the question on everyone’s mind is, if Samsung decides to give the Galaxy Note III a 6.3 inch display, can people carry it around in their pockets? Well there are few things to consider. According to some Samsung is thinking of reducing the bezel and not use any physical keys on the front, giving them more space to fit a larger screen. But doing all these still wouldn’t give Samsung the required area to fit a 6.3 inch display with the present form of the device. Hence Samsung will have to increase the width as well as the height of the device. But the present width of the Galaxy Note II has been found by many to be perfect for a phablet, increasing it would mean stepping back to the width of the older Galaxy Note. And on the other hand, keeping the width the same but increasing the height of the device would mess up the ratio of the display, which on the Galaxy Note II is 16:9. So there is no other option than increasing both the height and the width, which will make holding on the device a bit more challenging task.

Another question few have raised is, with a 6.3 inch display, will the Galaxy Note III still be called a phablet? To find an answer for that, we will have to look at the definition of a phablet. Well there is no exact definition for a phablet. It’s common knowledge that a phablet is a smartphone-tablet hybrid and the screen size should be between 5 to 7 inches or at least less than that of a tablet. For now tablets sizes have been restricted to 7 inches. So technically a 6.3 inch Galaxy Note does qualify as a phablet. But is a 6.3 inch display on a smartphone required? The answer to that varies from person to person. The Galaxy Note III is expected to be reviled during IFA 2013 in Berlin, which is scheduled to take place from September 6 to 11.

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Image: phandroid.com