Addappt: Auto Updating Contacts On iPhone

The stretching limits of the app world are being stretched further and on with interesting applications making their debut almost everyday. The latest in line is the addappt, an offering from a company going by the same name.

Addappt features a solution to the issue of auto updating your contacts in the address book which hasn’t had any credible solution till now. Addappt is a product app which has been going through the beta testing stages in the App store. The application connects the desktop, mobile and icloud address books and keeps them updated as we add contacts.

The application features the address book as a platform and updates contacts in synchronism just as adding a friend in Facebook. The cliche to the application however is the fact that for it to work alongwith the user using the application even the person whose contact details are being updated has to be using addappt. Although this might seem like a barrier however by the developers themselves its more of a privacy effort.

The application works on the old concept of content retrieval based on the contact cards keyed in, however its with the updation system that it is hoping to make a mark. The application can be downloaded at the following link: