Air Patriot-1st Game By Amazon


Amazon made its debut in the gaming department on 1st November 2012. Amazon’s game studio launched its 1st game Air patriot for kindle Fire, kindle Fire HD, Android Devices, iPhone, iPad. The game looks pretty high definition for 1st game. It is a new tower defense game which requires strategy of how to handle your enemy tanks. Amazon Says that it is completely different from other tower defense game.  Let’s go through the game and check out what makes it so special.


When you open the game it first reminds you that the game looks like the mixture of the famous touch game air control lite where you had to control the landing of your planes on different air strips.The tunnels in the screen where all the tanks move, reminds us of the fire stone game of Nokia where you shoot different colored balls and stop them from reaching to the end before the game gets over.

Here we are in the War-Zone and we have to stop the enemy tanks from reaching to destination. We are equipped with the choice of different planes and weaponry , which we select in the beginning of the game. We actually control the planes for the defense mechanism and gain money by killing tanks which can be used to buy more weaponry and planes for the later levels.

The game is pretty challenging. You can use more number of planes and with the multi-touch gestures, it becomes more interesting. It gives your brain and eyes a good work out where so much action goes on, on the screen. But as the level increases it becomes pretty confusing because you would not be handling  one plane but multiple number of planes .When you don’t have any choice you can clear the battle field with a nuke.

Air Patriots uses Amazon GameCircle on Kindle Fire to track both achievements and high scores, allowing players to compete for strategic superiority. Air Patriots also supports Whispersync for games to ensure that progress is saved in the cloud whether it’s played on the Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. Players can even switch back and forth between multiple Kindle devices as they continue their quest to eliminate the enemy.

For free game it is really good and you slowly start getting addicted to it and feel like playing on and on. There are many levels to check out, making the game more interesting.

SO guy’s I guess it’s time to add a new game in your list. Just  go to the app store and check out the new game by Amazon which gives you a Battle field experience and the best part is, it is  available for free on app store. MachineHappy rates it 4 out of 5. Just download it today and blow up some enemy tanks with your jets.