Amazon plans to launch Front-lit Kindle

We know how much success Amazon Kindle fire has seen, even with the presence of products from big companies like Apple, Samsung. It has shocked the gadget world with amazing features at a reasonable price. Now, there is an interesting update about the gadget from the company, Amazon will be launching a Front-lit model for the Kindle tablet.

Sources mention that the tablet will be featuring monochrome e-reader with front-lighting and the company is planning to make this version available in stores from July. This is rumoured news and Amazon is yet to make an official statement regarding the same.

Kindle e-reader continues to draw many customers but the only drawback being difficulty to read in dark. If this news is correct, Amazon is quick enough to understand the woes of customers; though battery power consumption will be more for Front-lit display, advantages are more with the addition of this feature.

It is also in the news that the new Kindle e-reader will be launched in 3G and touch Wi-Fi versions. Subsequently, prices are set to increase by about 10$ or they might remain the same. Amazon has not officially mentioned anything regarding this update but most likely, these improvements might take place.

Do stay tuned and we will keep you updated regarding all the progress about this product.