Amplifiear-A Simple Yet Effective Accessory To Amplify Your iPad’s Output

iPads are really awesome and cool devices which have set a revolution in the field of computing. Your iPad is not just used for computing or browsing but also for entertainment. With the launch of  iPads, everything seemed to have been rethought except the speakers. The built in speaker faces to the back and gives off a low volume sound. Because of this, we end up setting the volume to max which leads to lower fidelity sound and distortion.

 “What if you are able to concentrate all your sound at one direction and enjoy the awesome sound experience without any distortion.”

Amplifiear is the right accessory for this problem.It is really amazing how the simple geometry of gramophone is used to solve the problem of amplifying your iPads. It looks like a simple Micky Mouse ears clipped at the side of your iPads which amplifies the sound coming from the speaker back at the user.

With the Amplifiear, the higher frequencies, receive a considerable boost.  This will allow the users to hear the crispness of their favorite track which is completely lost due to the sound from the speakers pointing away from users.It uses an old tried and trued low tech geometry to enhance one of the most advance product to date. Amplifiear has engineered an integrated flexible clip in the back to allow the Amplifiear to securely fasten it to both the iPad 2 and the new iPad, which differ in thickness by 0.6mm. It clips on and off of our iPad in a second. It is light weight and tiny with a diameter of 4″ in and a thickness of ¾”.

The Amplifiear is made of ABS plastic so it is light and virtually indestructible and recyclable. Simply stick it in your bag or even your back pocket and you can take it anywhere.

Looking at this product just two words will hit your mind, ”Simple and Effective ”

This amazing  piece of invention is available at the official Amplifiear site for $25.It is also available in 6 different colors: Black, white, Blue, Red, Orange and Green.

“ So have you tried to add a pinch of color and character to your iPads today?”  

Source: Amplifiear