What Is Android One And How Is It Better?


Google unveiled 3 Android One smartphones at an event in New Delhi. Google probably wants to see an Android device in every hand and that is why it is helping manufacturers built low budget smartphones through its Android One platform. Android One is designed to offer Pure Android Experience. This Platform will not let manufacturers add any bloatware resulting in better performing devices. 

What is Android One?

Android One is a program that helps Smartphone makers to create smartphones with improved specifications and performance. Android One works as a reference platform with guidelines that these manufacturers can follow to develop new devices.  Smartphones developed under this program will be running on stock Android.  They will receive automatic updates, so be assured that with these devices you will not miss out on Android updates. Google says that these devices will receive updates atleast for 2 years. Barring the Nexus phones, most of smartphones use AOSP version of Android, which is the barebones version of the OS.  Different manufacturers take AOSP and then put their own user interface and apps in it. They also remove and add features. The end result is not exactly the Android that Google wants you to have. It is the Android that manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony or HTC want you to get. That is why not all devices get updates from Google which will change with Android One platform.

How is Android One Better than other Android Devices?

  • Android One helps budget smartphones perform better and faster by removing unwanted bloatware.
  • Designed to give Pure Android Experience created by Google.
  • Android One enables direct Android updates to all android one smartphones.
  • Android One devices come pre-installed with Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS.
  • Currently launched Android One smartphones have a Mediatek Quadcore processor which is clocked at 1.3 GHz with 1GB RAM

It is believed that these devices should end the monopoly of bigger brands. Google has launched this program in India. It shall soon be launched in other developing nations like Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines and other south asian countries. Micromax, Karbonn and Spice are part of this program and will be the manufacturing Android One smartphones. Micromax has launched Micromax Canvas A1 for INR 6,499. Karbonn has launched Karbonn Sparkle V at INR 6,399 and Spice has launched Spice Dream Uno at INR 6,299. All three are part of the first Android One Smartphones batch, announced by Google at the event.