Apple On-Screen Keyboard Glitch, Fix Coming Soon


Sad for some of  the iphone5 user’s who upgraded to iphone5 will be worried for some time.Few user’s are facing the problem of  flickering glitch, though not with regularity. The issue appears to arise when users invoke the numbers and symbols keyboard by pressing the “.?123” button in the bottom left corner of the device in portrait mode.

The information comes from Apple’s support forum and is by no means an official confirmation. There is no Apple Support document but a user claims that has spoken to someone familiar with the matter who said that Apple is aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Here’s the quote: “Apple is aware of the issue & that they’re working on it. It will be patched in an upcoming iOS update. It’s confirmed to be a software issue. Why it only happens on some devices, she didn’t have details. The bottom line is that they’re working on it now & we will have a solution”.

We all know apple is best in their customer service and if there is any problem they will do their best. If the issue is with the OS and not the hardware then the user’s can sit back and wait for the update very soon.Well we can just wait to see some happy apple customers relieved with this issue soon.