Apple App For The Future: The Passbook And More

Imagine a day wherein your Apple device was all you needed to travel, to shop, to get free deals, to watch movies. Seems like fiction today doesn’t it. Well many of Apple’s devices today are fictional pieces from around ten years back. And this one could be true soon, courtesy the passbook styled patent.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent that has been delivered as “Integrated Coupon Storage, Discovery, and Redemption System”. This patent hints at the possible utilization of Near Fields Communication technology in the future of Passbook app of Apple.

Currently the passbook app just allows to store digital coupons on your iOS device.

According to pointers and hints from the published patent Apple might be considering using near field communications in integration with its Passbook app to allow the users to get notifications on suitable venues where the stored coupons may be used.

More important than this piece of information is the fact that the app is actually being considered by Apple to be utilized as a methodology of developing upon mobile payment avenues.

Since we are on about the future with the passbook app, heres a small know how on how to use the Passbook app.

    1.  On your iOS 6 device goto safari and visit This website will allow you to create Passbook passes, for free.
    2.  The available fields can be used to customize the card’s info and created using the create tab
    3.  Upon Creating, a preview of the pass will pop up. Press the Add button in the top right hand corner, and then open Passbook.

So for now carry on trying the passbook and maybe someday it will be your pass to everything.