Apple TV Launched In India At 7900 INR

apple tvApple has launched its Apple TV services in India at a release price of 7900 INR. Although the launch of the Apple TV apple tv portsin India is confirmed, the stocks of the Apple TV have not made their way into premium reseller stocks yet implying potential customers will have to wait a little longer to get this high end competitor to the television DTH and cable services in India. The Apple TV which was developed as something of a hobby at Apple whose more famous products are the ones with the ‘i‘ namely the iPhone, iPad is a entertainment service which brings the entire world of  blockbuster films, your music and photos, even news and sport on your widescreen TV.

The Apple TV allows you to watch films, some in 1080p, photo slideshows wirelessly on your widescreen TV. There is no requirement of any managing storage services or syncing up of the iTunes library to utilize its services. The Apple TV brings the extensive entertainment limits of the iTunes to the HDTV. The Apple TV is quiet, energy efficient and so small it fits in the palm of your hand. In short its the perfect answer to the entertainment needs of your family.

Price Speak: The Apple TV is priced in India at INR 7900.