Apple Watch, The Show Stopper Looks Stunning


Apple announced its first wearable at the special event on September 9th. While most of us were expecting iWatch Apple calls it “Apple Watch”. If you thought Apple Watch was the single wearable launched at the event you are mistaken. Apple Watch comes with 3 dial variants and inter changeable straps. These straps are designed to give a complete makeover to your Apple Watch. So now Apple Watches can easily adapt your looks. Here are the three Smartwatches from Apple:

1)      Apple Watch which is made of stainless steel.

2)      Apple Watch Sport which is made of aluminium.

3)      Apple Watch Edition which sports a class and is made of 18-carat gold.

Top 6 things you need to know about Apple Watch

  1. Retina touch screen display with Force Touch and sapphire glass cover.
  2. Taptic Engine and built-in speaker combo for instant tactile feedback.
  3. Digital Crown allows user to zoom in and out of the screen. Another mode of use.
  4. It can function like Fitness Tracker. Comes preloaded with various apps to track fitness activity.
  5. It will support NFC Payment mode via Apple Pay.
  6. Apple Watch will connect only to latest Apple iPhones not iPads. Connectivity will be supported via Bluetooth. There is no Wifi on board.

Apple Watch will be available from Early 2015 and will cost $349 in US and approximately INR 21,000 in India. Apple will now be competing against recently launched Moto 360.