Apple’s Black Friday Deals Go Live In Australia

If you are an apple fan you would have surely heard about apple’s black friday shopping event.If not, i bet you will rush to your nearest  iStore after reading this article to  add new member in your apple family.With the present discounts Apple surely wants to spread a clear message,” No one should be left with out an apple product by the end of this year”.
Apple’s Black Friday shopping event is underway is Australia, and may give US buyers a strong indicator of the kind of discounts the company will offer North American buyers today. Apple has discounted the entire MacBook line — including MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros in all configurations — at $105 off the normal retail price. The current fourth-generation iPad is being sold for $41 off in all varieties, with the iPad 2 seeing a $31 discount. The latest iPod Touch has been reduced by $31 as well, with the previous-generation Touch going for $25 less and the latest iPod nano selling for $11 less than usual.

Notably, iPhone’s are completely excluded from the sale, at least in Australia and New Zealand — regions that are always the first to see events like this due to their time zone. Apple has also put their Airport router lineup on sale, knocking $21 off the price of the Extreme base station or Time Capsule base station, and taking $11 off the price of the latest Airport Express. Buyers can also save $11 on new Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Apple Wireless (Bluetooth) Keyboards as well.

Apple is also discounting on accessories for its mobile devices, including the iPad Smart Case (which covers both the front and back of an iPad) now $15 off; the iPad Smart Cover (polyurethane version) reduced by $11; and the iPad Smart Cover (leather version) a good buy at $21 off its normal price. Apple’s $30 Earpods see a $7 discount, while the company’s $79 In-Ear Headphones with remote and mic are reduced by $11.

Conspicuously absent from the sale (and generally) are the new, thinner 21.5-inch iMacs that were promised for November (to be followed by new 27-inch iMacs in December). While there is still time for Apple to ship new units to retailers this month, CEO Tim Cook’s warning that models would be “severely constrained” at first looks more likely to mean that very few — if any — iMac fans will find one of the new models waiting for them as a present this year.