Apps To Keep You Fit-Runtastic

runtastic appFor all the people who are in this age of application maintained lifestyle and who have a huge problem with taking that trip down to the gym or maybe that walk round the corner here’s an app that will keep you app happy and fit at the same time. Tune in to Runtastic.

Runtastic is a finalist in the Mobile Apps Showdown at CES 2013. Runtastic offers a suite of training apps designed to improve your fitness in several different areas. The primary apps in the suite focus on running, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats — arguably the most important full-body, calisthenic exercises in popular use. However, Runtastic does have other downloads available for activities like biking and hiking.

To get started an account has to be created or a sign in with Facebook will do.The flagship Runtastic app is focused on running, and lets you plan routes, track times and calories, and much more. As for the other apps — push-ups, pull-ups, and squats — they help you follow your performance and set goals for the exercises. They also offer clearly defined programs for achieving your goals.

One thing I really love about Runtastic suite and which stands out from other such fitness apps is the social network element it adds to your fitness routine. The apps can be used to share your fitness goals and achievements with your friends on or on Facebook.

The Runtastic apps are available for free download now on Google Play. There are also paid Pro versions, which offer premium features such as voice feedback and more advanced training regimens. For iOS users, the apps are available in the App Store.

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