ASUS releases ARM-based Windows 8 tablet!

Time for a tablet from Asus! Asus on Monday has revealed a tablet with ARM processor boarding Windows 8 OS in the device, making it the first of its sort among the competitors. The gadget will be called Asus Tablet 600.

This model is expected to be a mobile device and coming to the specifications, it has a 10-inch display with a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU from NVidia. It has 8 Megapixels camera on the rear end with LED flash and 2 Megapixel camera in the front end. It is Wi-Fi enabled and carries 2 GB RAM along with 32 GB storage capacity.  It weighs about 520grams and is 8.35 mm thick; this tablet was already in display at the Asus news conference in Taipei.

This is a positive sign for Microsoft and ARM too as it provides an option to go for another OS and compete with companies like Apple and Google. ARM processors are already present in most of the smartphones and tablets now. Windows used Intel chips till now and coming to ARM, chip making companies were NVidia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.

Intel has already started to respond on the move from Windows and ARM that ARM processors will not be compatible with many of existing Windows drivers and applications. However, analysts responded that Windows RT devices will have an edge! Lower prices also add to the advantage of customers to prefer ARM based devices. They might be into the market very soon!