ASUS unveils RT-N12HP WiFi router-The Super Router




Is your WiFi router giving you trouble? Are you still not able to get signal at most of the corner’s of the house or workplace? Are you struggling everyday carrying your WiFi device for better signal? Dont worry ASUS is here for your rescue. On October 26th 2012, ASUS announced the new RT-N12HP WiFi router. The new ASUS   fresh RT-N12HP router carries a pair of (thankfully removable) high-gain, 9dBi antennas and a separate signal amplifier that can jointly boost the range of the router’s 802.11n wireless up to 300 percent versus challengers that reach the same 300Mbps peak speed. Beyond that, the hot spot mostly claims sheer flexibility as its virtue with support for as many as four separate WiFi networks and a fast toggle between pure router, access point and repeater modes.

Once ASUS confirms release of the N12HP in specific countries, it’ll likely deliver a good signal from corner to corner in most of the homes.


source: ASUS