Baidu Eye: New Eye Wear Similar To Google Glass

Chinese search engine Baidu has revealed its eye wear Baidu Eye in response to Google Glass. Baidu showed the working of the prototype at the Baidu world conference in Beijing. Baidu eye does not consist of a screen or optical display whereas Google Glass uses a optical screen. Baidu is a head mounted device which rest on top of user’s ear. On the left arm of Baidu’s eye there is earpiece where as on right camera is fixed which takes the photograph, analyzes information and recognizes objects according to the reports by the Chinese search engine.


This wearable sends information via an app on user’s device like smartphones or tablets. This helps in better tracking. Battery is designed in a way that it consumes less energy and lasts longer. The eye supports both voice and gestures commands. One majot difference between Baidu Eye and Google Glass is that Baidu Eye can also connect to internet via Wi-Fi or hotspot whereas Google Glass connects independently.

Baidu Eye Features:

  • It allows the user to analyze images.
  • It provides information and services related to specific object or item.
  • It can listen both to gestures and voice commands.
  • Eye can identify plants.
  • It can also find products on online e-commerce sites.

Baidu is also planning to integrate social networking and gaming. Baidu has plans to add a camera to take pictures, making videos and will enable user to take calls totally hands free. As of now these features are not available in Baidu Eye. Launch date and pricing is not confirmed as yet.