Bamboo Paper App for Samsung Devices By Wacom


The famous Bamboo paper app which was such a hit in iOS platform is now ready to amaze all android users. Digital artists will be happy to hear that Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app has found its way onto Android. On the down-side, Samsung has managed to snag an exclusive deal to lock it to the Galaxy Note,Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3  for the time being. Bamboo Paper makes using Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus family or any stylus that come with smartphones much more fun, allowing creativity to take place on the move.

The free app is fairly basic, but runs very smoothly. You can pick a highlighter or pen stroke with 12 colors each (though there’s no thickness adjustment). There are options to change the guides on the “paper” to four different styles. The app plugs into the native share menu, so you can get your sketches out to Evernote, Gmail, or where-ever else you need them. The iOS version allows users to import pictures stored locally on the device, but no such luck in the Android app just yet. The iOS app also has a premium in-app upgrade that includes cloud storage, but it doesn’t seem like that version is available on Android.


source: wacom