Best 5 Alternatives To Tinder!

You would have obviously heard of Tinder – the most popular dating app. It has become so popular that it has changed the way traditional dating sites work. Almost everyone who is single uses this app. It is a great, easy and an in-obtrusive way of meeting new people. But you might have not yet found a match on Tinder and you have now started to think if it isn’t made for you. Well, there are many developers who have developed some great alternatives to Tinder, some of them being pretty good ones. Have a look at these:

#1 – OK Cupid

OK Cupid

This is a very polished setup with millions of users registered on it. It is filled with features matching those of Tinder. Since it has variety of users registered on it, everyone would definitely get someone of their choice. Also, you can make several alterations to the profile, for example, who can see you, who likes you etc.

Available for android,> iOS

#2 – Bristlr


It is a new site especially for bearded men and women who love them. All you need to do is say a no or yes to the potential match and if your answer is yes, it could be taken further to a chat. Then, from there you can take things forward and take the decision whether you wish to meet the person or not. The only requirement for joining is a ‘beard’ if you are a man.

Available for AndroidiOS

#3 – Hinge


Hinge is a very good alternative for people disliking ‘Tinder’. If you register here, you can immediately connect with friends, 3rd degree pals or friends of friends. You are saved from those WEIRDOS. The idea is mainly to establish a personal connection through mutual friends.

Available for AndroidiOS

#4 – Loveflutter


This application is a perfect combination of Twitter and Tinder. It displays the profile of the user in 14 characters and also has the profile image, which is blurred initially. The main idea of the app is connecting first with people and then with the looks.

Available on iOS

#5 – Glimpse


This is a very good dating app for people who just love to post photos on Instagram. This app develops connection to the instagram account of the users and helps in finding love through Instagram. All you need to fill in is your sexual orientation, gender, birth date and an image. The user has a choice of picking  1 profile image and choosing 9 more images from the Instagram account which completely represent the interests and likes of the individuals.

Available for AndroidiOS