Best 5 Photo Editor Apps For Android!

Photo Editing Apps

Gone are those days when you had to sit in front of your PC, download those big-sized photo editing apps and then tweak those photos! Thanks to the introduction of photo editing apps – photo editing has become easier than ever before! Whether you are traveling or whether you are at work, photo editing is possible just with one-touch. If you are searching for the best photo editing app on Play Store, you would find loads of options and you would surely be going crazy. We have compiled the list of best of best apps for you!

  1. Airbrush


Are you a selfie lover? If yes, Airbrush is a great app! It is perfect for those quick edits and fixes made to the skin and face. Some interesting features include teeth whitening, blemish remover and reshaping tools. Since the tools are 1-click, you wouldn’t find difficulty in using it. Get AirBrush here.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Lightroom is a very good app when it comes to photo editing – It’s a mini Photoshop in your pocket. With Lightroom, photos can be edited with one-touch features and can be filtered, cropped or auto-fixed. If you are a serious photographer, you must have it! You can download Lightroom here.

  1. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro


Want to try some fun features? If yes, then Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is simply the best. It has various basic filters and editing tools. Another important highlight is its Fancy filter, which turns images to watercolor. Other basic tools include blemish removal, skin smoothing etc. Get Bonfire app here.

  1. Photor Director


It has made an entry recently but has captured the photo editing space. You can enjoy manual enhancements in this tool. For making proper edits, the tool has features like white balance, RGB color channels and HSL sliders. If you want to delve deeper into editing, enjoy some sliders for exposure, darkness, contrast and brightness.  So move a step ahead of filters and enjoy this app! Download it now.

  1. Fotor


For photo editing lovers, Fotor is definitely a must have. Not only does it helps in editing but also enhances images with its 1-touch features. RGB, tint, temperature, highlights, shadow, exposure, saturation, rotate, crop are some tools you can work with. And if you aren’t aware, it has 100 filters! Can you believe it? Download it right away!