10 Android Widgets You Must Use

If you are an Android user, you would know how important Homescreen widgets are. 2016 has arrived and now some more awesome and useful widgets have been introduced. We have compiled a list of some great Android widgets for you. Have a look at them!

  • Android Pro Widgets


Android Pro Widgets combine various widgets like Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, Bookmarks, Google Reader and Agenda & Calendar. You can look and style each option the way you want to.

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  • Power Toggles


It is a very popular widget which enables using various toggle functions such as Mobile Data, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. It offers 40 different toggles to choose from. Lot of time can be saved just with few taps and swipes.

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  • System Monitor


This widget monitors around 6 things including Battery, Apps, Network, I/O, RAM and CPU. It is available in paid as well as free version. The app can be opened as a floating window as well.

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  • iWeather


It is the best weather widget as compared to others. It offers various animated depictions and real- time updates  of weather and time. Since it comes with social media support, you can share the current weather there with ease.

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  • FlipBoard


This is an excellent and useful widget for regular readers. The widget can be set on the homescreen in simple steps and new stories can be previewed. This is an excellent way of get information about the things you like.

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  • DroidPet Widget


This is perfect for people who like taking care of pets. If you have an allergy or cannot have a pet due to some reason, then DroidPet is a must for you. In this widget, you get an option of taking care of 5 pets at a time and also get a chance of playing with them and do everything possible for keeping them happy.

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  • Multicon Widget


With Multicon widget, loads of app icons can be added to the home screen. Instead of keeping selecting icons for each screen, everything can be loaded into one with Multicon Widget. The number of columns and rows can be selected and after that apps can be added

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  • Agenda Widget


Imagine you have busy day and you have your phone guiding you all the way with all your appointments. Well yes, Agenda Widget is all about that. It is an easy-to-read and great looking widget that guides you with all appointments that are scheduled. This is no less than a paper planner.

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  •  Days Left Widget

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Have you forgotten an important date or do you wish to set some countdown? Do not forget to download this tiny little widget for your Android. The widget can be customized and one can choose from a combination of various overlays and colors. Add these little widgets and count for your special day.

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  • Zooper Widget


It offers some excellent customization features and some very good homescreens. You can create custom widgets and download several templates. It has different heads such calendar, weather details, system information, time and connection information.

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