Best Apps For The Car In Ford’s Sync AppLink

ford sync applinkApplications somehow seem to be running the interface at everything from mobiles to computing systems to even cars. Smart apps have been a feature from Ford in its Sync AppLink platform every quarter since its launch a year back. At CES 2013 Ford has displayed nine new apps that are to be added to the Sync AppLink platform. These apps are aimed at making the experience of driving a car more enhanced as well as entertained.

People driving Ford cars featuring the Sync AppLink platform will be able to use the following nine apps now:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • Kaliki
  • Amazon Cloud Player
  • Aha Radio
  • Rhapsody
  • Greater Media
  • Glympse
  • BeCouply

What SpeakLet me give you a what speak about what each of these apps do.

1.Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal app is a news reader application that reads out the news to the driver as well as the passengers.

2.USA TodayThe USA Today app allows the people on board the car to get the latest news across categories like sports, news, weather etc just by telling out a few keywords like the “Play news story” for playing news.

3.KalikiThe Kaliki app is an app that provides radio talent-read versions of news from newspapers and magazines.

4.Amazon Cloud Player: Amazon’s Cloud Player has been around for sometime around now. But integration into Sync AppLink platform of Ford’s implies that car drivers and passengers can now listen and set up music playlists from the cloud just by using this app in the car dashboard console.

5.Aha Radio: Aha Radio is an application that allows you to listen to radio, music and podcasts from the dashboard. But that is not all. It also provides a location based service that allows you to find restaurant locations and others.

6.Rhapsody: Rhapsody’s an internet music streaming service that will now allow ford users to stream music from the internet into your car.
7.Greater Media: Greater Media is bringing its 16 terrestrial radio stations into cars via its app that allows Ford drivers and people on board to experience the content from across the 16 radio stations.

8.Glympse: Glympse is another app that’s perfectly suited for the connected automobile. This app shares your location in real time, but doesn’t meddle with your privacy becauser its you who controls who can see your location and for how long.

9.Be Couply: This one is a quirky app. But I liked the idea of connectivity it sports. The app, BeCouply, was designed to help users discover great date ideas, capture special moments, and connect with other couple friends and is now on Ford’s Sync AppLink.

HowTo Speak:

The How To Speak is to help you Ford users to get to know how these apps are utilized in your car. Very simple actually.

To use the apps, the driver just needs to have them installed on a smartphone, connected to the car by either Bluetooth for Android or a cable for iOS. The integration with Sync AppLink allows the app to play audio through the car’s speakers and also includes sophisticated voice commands. The driver will also be able to control the apps through a car’s touch screen or dashboard controls.

MachineHappy Cut:

In a world where connectivity is the buzzword these apps on Ford’s Sync AppLink platform are a definite look out for and a plus for the smart automobile market.