Apps That Will Make Your Kids Smarter

Nowadays, it is not at all easy to entertain a child as they get bored too easily. Gone are those days, when all you had to do is read out stories or switch on the TV for them. Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are considered to be the best friends of kids. There are  variety of apps available for kids these days. Have a look at the best ones listed by us:

  • Sago Mini Road Trip


This app is designed specially for young children and toddlers aged 2-5. Kids can take a road trip and indulge in activities like choosing a car, packing a suitcase, stopping for a car wash and getting petrol filled. Currently, there are 6 destinations but only 3 appear at a time. Kids would enjoy flying their car through air since there are no hard rules as such.

Available for iOS only.

  • iStoryTime


The app contains digital read-aloud storybooks that feature excellent audio, narration and art. Kids can enjoy classic characters and experiment several things with this. This is no less than a virtual bookshelf. It comes with 4 free storybooks named Robin Hood, Ice Age, The Giant Smurf and Madagascar Movie Storybook.

Available for Android and iOS


  • Zoo Alphabet


Tired of teaching alphabets to kids the traditional way? Well, Zoo Alphabet is here to help you! This app is a perfect way of teaching preschoolers and toddlers  the basic alphabets in a fun way.

Available for Android and iOS

  • PicsArt Kids


This is a very good doodling and drawing app for kids. It has tones of activities for parents and kids to have fun together. These include learning mode, a blank canvas and a coloring book mode. Kids can enjoy with various colors and brushes and once done, they can be saved to a gallery.

Available for Android and iOS

  • Pocket Phonics


Parents are literally in love with this app. It helps kids learn as well as recognize letters and sounds.  Kids enjoy trying and testing different sounds and playing with them.

Available for Android and iOS

  • DipDap

unnamed (1)

This is another feature that entertains your kids with animated scenes. All they need to do is fill drawings and put in missing objects for completing the scene. Featuring 16 animated scenes, there is a sketchpad as well.

Available for Android and iOS

  • A parcel of courage


This app is a perfect interactive reading adventure that has loads of educational activities and 4 learning games to enhance photographic memory, spatial cognition and enhancing logic.

Available for Android and iOS

  • Toca Life: City


Available for Android and iOS

This app enables kids to visit various locations of the city and enjoy interaction with everything right from clothes shop, food stalls and apartments. Kids can invite people and decide which food, hair style and clothes should be given to them.

  • Forestry


Forestry helps your kids play educational and funny games and help dwellers in building house, go swimming, pick up berries and gather food stuffs. It helps the kids enhance their attention and memory.

Available for Android and iOS

  • MonsterMath Squad

math squad

It is a wonderful flash card based maths app for kids. The player has to enjoy a monster named Maxx as it explores enemies, battles and new worlds. All your little ones have to do is help him with Maths. It is engaging and fun.

Available for Android and iOS