6 Best Fitness Tracking Apps

Fitness Apps

Don’t have time to track your fitness goals? Why not try it on iTunes App Store or Google play? You would find thousands of apps there that would help you track your fitness and would follow your cycling routines, runs, steps and locations. Don’t believe it? Why not download these best 6 apps that we have listed for you?

  1. Runkeeper


Runkeeper is every fitness freak’s favorite. Yes, it is absolutely free and has loads of options, right from tracking the GPS, to creating routes, music mixes as well as creating customized workouts. Once this running app is downloaded, you are sure to fall in love with it.

Available for Android and iOS


  1. Endomondo


Want to track your performance and fitness? Don’t hesitate a bit and download Endomondo, your perfect fitness friend. It comes bundled with loads of options and all this for a price of just Rs.$2.50 per month. You can enjoy various features like heart rate analysis, personal training and others.

Available for Android and iOS


  1. GoogleFit


Google Fit has been a perfect partner for fitness freaks. The main highlight of this app is that it is integrated with Android wear and hence, becomes a perfect option for smartwatch owners. To add to all this, GoogleFit would set goals for you and would analyse all statistics for you. The app is absolutely FREE of cost.

Available for Android


  1. Sports Tracker Running Cycling


This is a perfect keep for cyclists and runners and it helps you track training and progress over a period of time. If you want to flaunt your progress, it offers an option of sharing the same on social media. Moreover, it supports heart rate tracking devices and includes distance/time calculators and maps.

Available for Android and iOS


  1. Runtastic


Download this app and you are sure to have a good time tracking your fitness. Apart from supporting Android Wear, it makes use of GPS to track jogging , biking, walking or running routes. Another interesting feature is that you can customize the dashboard as per your need and also enjoy graphic representations. The app offers tunes that keep playing in the background while you perform the activity.

Available for Android and iOS


6. Fitbit


With Fitbit, you can sleep, eat and manage better! It would set daily goals for you and would keep a track of your distance covered and the calories burned. It supports GPS for tracking hikes, runs and walks. Apart from that there are workout and yoga routines to keep you fit. Another interesting feature is that of Log Food which keeps track of the calories consumed daily. It allows competing with friends and accepting challenges.

Available for Android and iOS