The Big Apple Event- A Full Report Of Apple’s 2013 Launch And Its Significance

appleThe last month or so has seen a massive amount of excitement generated by the launch event of Apple, which is largely being seen as Apple’s defining moment for the times to come. Especially in the face of Samsung eating into its market shares and profits, and the launch of the recent smart watch by it, the long standing innovation champion of the technology world has some catching up to do.

The Cupertino event has therefore attracted attention as being a harbinger of next big things from Apple. However with the number of leaks and speculations that have preceded it, the curiosity that one usually associates with an Apple launch has largely diminished considering more or less the world knows what to expect from this event. However what one cannot deny is that an Apple event does draw the who’s who of the market and inevitably ends up creating a new market statement irrespective of the longevity of the statement.

Before the event rolled out, the expectations from what this event would bring were largely centered around a cheaper Apple iPhone 5c, a next generation of the Apple iPhone 5 with the Apple iPhone 5S and the iOS 7.

These developments were expected to help Apple retain its market share and intimidating position as the premium player of the mobile market and technology innovation, which have come under question in recent times largely because of the question that although Apple still remains a strong seller of its devices, does it retain the spirit of innovation and cutting edge technology which was symbolic of the Steve Jobs era?

This event is about answering the detractors and the naysayers. But does it do that. The following are excerpts from the Big Apple event:

What Has Apple Launched?

The conference started with claims and declarations about the iOS 7 and a massive update on Siri. Siri now pulls in Twitter updates. However an important turning point is that starting September 18th iOS 7 will be available for free for new i Devices. Furthermore iWork, iPhoto, iMovie and others from the productivity suite applications will be available free too. With this Apple has definitely upped the incentive for getting new devices from the iStore.

And following this it has released the new iPhone devices, again with a groundbreaking step of not reducing the price of old devices but actually replacing the iPhone 5 with two new device designs. The:

Apple iPhone 5C:

iphone 5c shotApple iPhone 5C has been launched as a new colorful and intricately designed phone. The buttons and back match the color as a polycarbonate wrap around. While the front is glass. The Apple iPhone 5C features specific cases color mixed, A6 chip, 8MP iSight camera, steel reinforced body, larger battery, 100 Mbps download, dual band Wifi. The Apple iPhone 5C price is  $99 for the 16 GB variant and $199 for the 32 GB variant, adding on $29 for the colored cases. This is of course without contracts. At these prices it is by far the cheapest iPhone that Apple has engineered. But by the initial looks of it, the iPhone 5C feels anything but cheap.

Apple iPhone 5S:

iphone 5s-shot 1 The Apple iPhone 5S after much adieu has been launched graded as the most forward thinking phone ever made. It features a new home button, silver, gold and a Space grey color. The interesting bit for the iPhone 5S is that it is now the world’s first 64 bit phone with an A7 chip on board. The iPhone 5S is backward compatible too with older version of apps from earlier iOS’s. As a result of the A7 and the 2X faster performance, graphic intense applications can bring desktop and console specific performance on board. Moreover it features a new home button which is a stainless steel detection ring with a sapphire crystal top. All in all the Apple iPhone 5S is several notches higher from its predecessor and also has a few unique features that will set it apart from the competition in the market.

What Will These Launches Do?

The launches at Apple’s big event have been as expected with the release of the quite known iOS 7, other software updates and the new iPhone 5C and 5S. However what is significant is the integration of the new updates with the new designs and hardware that has been engineered. With this integration the iPhone brand could yet again sit as the favorite of the mobile lover. And better still this time Apple has targeted the two opposite ends of the price segment with its releases. Of course when compared to others in the relatively cheaper segment and the high end segment, the iPhone will lack specifications as heavy as phones from Samsung, but with its unmatched software and hardware integration especially the all new iOS 7 and free application suite, these launches will definitely take on the best of both the price segments in this case respectively.

How Will It Affect Apple?

This launch was supposed to be a step ahead towards competing on all fronts with Samsung and others hot on its trail for Apple. And with its departure from tradition move of launching a phone in a cheaper segment, but with all the features of a costlier iPhone intact, Apple has entered big time into the overall mobile market now.

In the software front, the iOS 7 wasn’t considered to be much of an upgrade to iOS 6. However with the integration into the new devices as well as it being available for free with a host of production suite applications could generate the next rein of the iOS being the most used mobile OS in the world.

The TouchPoints:

These are the touchpoints that are now the prime takeaways from the Apple September 2013 event:

iSight Camera: Intelligent camera with larger aperture, bigger pixels and 15% larger sensor . In short close to a SLR. True tone flash that analyzes the light color around and flashes accordingly.

Free iOS 7, free features and applications, a new Touch id: Apple’s coveted features and production suite applications are now freely available with new Apple devices. This could set off the next rush of sales for Apple devices. Furthermore an engineering delight introduced now is the touch id which will enable an user to access numerous functionalities with a finger print alone.

Two diverse design and price segments: For the first time ever Apple has entered the relatively cheaper price segment of the mobile market. But the fact that it has not done so with a cheap device but instead utilized  cheap material to create a premium experience of a product with the iPhone 5C might spell trouble for players in the budget and mid range priced mobile market like Nokia. Moreover it could also further strengthen Apple as the foremost seller of mobile devices in the world considering Samsung doesnot have anything close in stature to the iPhone 5C at this price segment.


Whether Apple has set things rolling for the next big things out of its brand isn’t clear from these launches. But what is clear is that for sure the competitive edge that Apple has with its devices has just been taken a notch higher with an even more in depth integration of software and hardware.