New Updated BMW 750d -Get the complete aerial view of your car


If you are a fan or not, the brand BMW is well-known to not just us grown ups but even to kids.Everyone has a dream of having a collection of amazing luxurious cars and it definitely includes BMW in the list. BMW has updated it’s 7 series sedan. The BMW 7 series is here to show the very best of technology, Quality, styling, comfort, efficiency and performance. Here we have taken the 750d X drive.

technology_4x4It is a X drive machine that means it is an all wheel drive vehicle. It is the highest selling 7 series till date for BMW which might cross the sales of S class in the yr 2012. It is stately wheel based and elegant. The car is pretty sporty. The company says the entire engine range is reworked to offer lower emission and higher fuel efficiency. Apart from sport and the comfort mode, the eco-pro mode saves upto 20% of fuel.

 It has 380 horses at it’s disposal and 780 mm of torque and it has an inline 6  3 litre engine. This model particularly with most of the above specs wont be coming to India though only 1 variant 730 Ld will be available for India

7series_7se_12Few important specs of this mean machine:

Displacemment- 2993 cc

Maximum Power-381Bhp @ 4400rpm

Peak Torque- 740 Nm @ 2000 rpm

Transmission -8 Speed Streptonic

 This car is more powerful punchy and very refined. The headlights are bit more wide and stretched giving it a really cool and mean look with the LED’s.

The cabin is usual, luxurious and opulent.It is quite a techies delight, included with all the necessary gadgets like the 3D display on the navigation, head up display,connectivity with the cloud, active cruise control and lot more.

aerial viewA very special feature you will be looking forward to is there are lots of cameras scattered all around the car. The cameras all around give you an aerial view which helps you for better sight of your car during car parking then using your rear mirrors which is mostly based on your judgement skills. It is clean simple and really effective. When you come near the intersections and there is a bit of a blind spot you are not sure about what really lies ahead of have to just put the camera on and you get to see the full curved views ,you get to see the either side of the complete roads and what is approaching you from both sides.The nose of the car actually acts like the dogs nose which sniffs off if there is any danger ahead and tells you if is there any incoming car or not, so it is pretty effective and safer.

BMW has done quite a good job in the updated version of series 7 and making it more Safer and Eco-friendly.Let’s hope BMW comes out with even more innovations which can be applied to the other low end normal daily use cars and the drive becomes more Safer, Better and Eco-friendly.

Source- NDTV