Demise Of The Canon 5D Mark II: A Tribute

D3S_4085-1200A Merry Christmas To All Our Readers. This festive season is the way ahead to many things more. Much important to check this out because the coming year is the one rumored to be the year of the apocalypse. More then that what remains to be seen however is the entry of newer and superior uber futuristic products into the market. In this new year plan up a number of companies start getting ready to shelve a few products they feel have outlived their existence. I was personally upset by seeing that Canon has started off shelving the Canon 5D Mark II by removing it to the old products category on its web portal.

Reportedly the camera body has even gone off shelves from the company’s US stores. Its sad to see the Canon 5D Mark II go because it was really the pioneer in video recording in a DSLR and had shown the way for later DSLRS.

It was a revolution of sorts in the DSLR market segment because of its video shooting prowess. The Mark II’s full frame sensor and 1080 p video mode had given filmmakers an option for low light sensitivity and shallow depth of field. Nikon D90 was an earlier entrant in this segment but the HD resolution of the 5D Mark II was something that it could not compete with. The Canon 5D Mark II was incredibly low priced too which gave it a better market traction. Although old  the Mark II still remains in demand thanks to its low price and access to Canon’s deep EF lens library. So I don’t know if shelving it efforts are for the good. But still the 5D Mark II has had its day and even in its exit it has been going good, so my tributes to this gamechanger DSLR.