Casio unveils G-Shock wristwatch for iPhone

With cellphones getting smart day by day, it seems that other accessories will also have to keep up with them. Casio has released a watch named ‘BlueTooth v4.0 enabled G-Shock’ worth $180 under G-Shock category which can be paired up with iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and can perform some necessary features.


Now as we know some similar watches been previously released like Pebble: E Paper Watch and The Strata. Basically, this new BlueTooth version v4.0 is a low powered BlueTooth and that is the reason iPhone can be easily paired with these watches.

As Casio claims that if you will pair up your watch 12 hours a day then the battery of that watch will last for 2 years keeping in mind that the same battery is used normally in all the watches. Tasks which can be performed by this watch are:-

  • Alert you for incoming calls or messages
  • If you have forgotten your phone somewhere then you can make it ring.
  • If your iPhone or watch is going out of the link coverage area, then it will beep.
  • If your watch is connected to the iPhone then you will not have to update the time manually.

It is identical to the other G-Shock category watches with 200 m water resistance and Shock-Resistance Construction and it supports only iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. For pairing up your iPhone you will have to download this application.

Source: MacRumors