CES 2013 To Feature Driverless Cars By Audi And Toyota

driverless carIf we thought Google was the only one getting ready to make driverless cars a possibility in the near future then we were wrong. Apparently Toyota and Audi are not ones to be left behind when it comes to cars of the future and are showcasing driverless cars at CES 2013.

Toyota and Audi will demonstrate autonomous-driving features next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to The Wall Street Journal. Toyota has also posted a 5 second video that shows one of its luxury brand Lexus vehicles loaded with various sensors and carrying the caption, “Lexus advanced active safety research vehicle is leading the industry into a new automated era.”

Audi has also been quoted by the Journal that it would be demonstrating similar capabilities at CES 2013, including the ability to locate a parking spot and self-park without a human behind the wheel.

Like the autonomous driverless cars that Google has been testing since 2009, Toyota’s prototype Lexus LS 600h sports  a roof-mounted laser used to guide the vehicle. It also features radar and camera equipment used to navigate streets without a driver behind the wheel.

These driverless cars are capable of driving to specific locations based on visual indicators, artificial intelligence software, GPS, and a range of sensors. Google, which hired a team of robotics experts to develop the system, has logged more than 300,000 miles on private test tracks and has been testing and developing it further.